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Hello:I have a few students who are not supposed to be able to access the App Store so I've blocked it on those devices. This usually works very well. However, one of these students had a legitimate need for the YouTube app, so I temporarily unblocke...
Hello: I just noticed recently that when I set up a new iPad, 'United States' no longer shows up first in the country list after I choose 'English' as the language. This used to work, although sometimes it would take a moment or two from choosing Eng...
Hello: I use student usernames (essentially, their email address before the @ sign) for their device names. For now I have them enter that name in when they receive their devices as part of the enrollment process, then I update a profile that says th...
Hello: I would like to set up the eBackpack app to automatically populate the user's login credentials, or at least as much as possible. The app first requests an account name, then the next screen asks for a login (email address) and password. I'm n...
Hello: I have been using JSS for about 1.5 years. I use a database I built in Filemaker to keep track of assets – who has what iPad, status, notes, etc. so I can keep track of my devices. At any one time, I have iPads that need to be fixed, iPads tha...
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