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hello we are setting up automated device enrollment within jamf and i am doing it on my test machine pretty much what is happening is we are presented with the jamf connect login screen which is great

but then we want the user to login with their organizations credentials and then be presented with the okta verify login screen to login again to authenticate

would i need to make a change in jamf connect config or would i need to make a change within okta

i made some changes in the jamf connect config but when i login on my test mac it says “user blocked for signing in by OIDC lookup”.


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Hi @jigrykora 

It looks like you are dealing with a configuration issue in Jamf Connect settings, specifically related to Okta integration. To resolve the "user is blocked from logging in due to OIDC lookup" issue, it is advisable to check both Jamf Connect configuration and Okta settings. Ensure that the Jamf Connect configuration accurately reflects the desired authentication flow, including the correct Okta integration details. Review Okta settings to ensure that user accounts are properly configured and not blocked. If you've made changes to your Jamf Connect configuration and are experiencing issues, review those changes to ensure they are in line with your desired authentication process.

jamf man

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i am having the same issue as well pretty much what is happening on my test mac machine we are presented with the jamf connect welcome page the user signs in and then the mac goes to the home screen, we are trying to configure it where the user signs in on jamf connect welcome screen then the okta verify sign in page appears and the user signs in again to authenticate, in order to do that do i need to make any changes in the jamf connect configuration app? or i need to make changes in the okta admin console?