At Reboot Scripts not executing in ML

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As the title says. Am I the only one whos having tons of issues with ML? Lion was so perfect and smooth with Casper now Netboot is giving me Nilobjects errors and At Reboot scripts won't run.


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I think the board is full of Nilobjects errors, however all my At reboot scrips run fine...


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I just don't understand what the F is going on and its really frustrating me. I see the reboot scripts sitting in the JAMF folder but they do nothing. Then I logged in as a user rebooted, and still nothing but the scripts were gone. I can't test on anything other than Firewire because Netboot yields NilObject errors. I just at this point am ready to downgrade to 8.52.

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Actually, I've got "At Reboot" scripts that appear not to run on my 10.8 configs. Did you ever get anywhere with this?

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Just to chime in here.
I am running new 10.8 Imaging configs and also finding that after the reboot, my list of shell scripts is not executing and the JAMF binary not installing.....

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are you by chance using the InstallESD from the App Store as the base installer in Casper imaging? For some reason this won't work over netboot or if any user besides root runs casper imaging. So, no netboot with that method AND I've found you have to log in as root in order to actually get this to work.


This isn't working for me either. Any of my scripts flagged as "At Reboot" in an imaging configuration do not execute when the computer is rebooted. JSS v8.7

- Sean