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Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta is now available!

Hello Jamf Nation! The Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta Release features a number of exciting improvements and enhancements for managing your Apple devices. Starting with 11.8.0, Jamf Pro admins will be able to set a minimum OS for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads t...  View more

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Background recon at login

What about spinning the recon to happen in the background at login. Wecreate a policy to run at login, in the advanced tab we send this unixcommand /usr/sbin/jamf policy mapbdrprinters & That calls a second policy called mapbdrprinters and background...  View more

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netinfo account mcx migration to AD account

we now have ad integration. and casper allows me to push it to all my desktops.i want to move towards ad accounts and get rid of the manually created local account(netinfo) but preserve the mcx which has all the desktop settings for dock, finder, etc...  View more

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Recon overwrites manually-entered serial numbers

I have quite a few machines whose serial number can't be read from software -- it's a condition that typically results from a logic board replacement. When Recon interacts with a machine in this condition, Recon fills the Serial Number field in the J...  View more

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Updating QuickTime and iTunes using Policies

Hello, Has anyone tried running iTunes 7.0.2, QT 7.1.3, iPhoto 5.0.4 updates onPanther (10.3.9) machines using a policy in JSS? All three are erroring out.The log says 'The package 'XXXXX' could not be verified by the installer'. All packages have be...  View more

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we have about 40 mac's and a policy to run recon on login. it is really slowing down our os x boxes.how can i create a policy for recon to run at random times. Siddhartha ChaddaChief Technology OfficerOLSONT:612.336.7533C:612.986.9310E:schadda at oco...  View more

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Adobe creative suite color settings.

We like to preset the color settings for the creative suite for colormanagement. When we make a package for deployment the settings do not seemto stick. Has anyone had this issue? Thanks Rich  View more

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Software Update Policy

I'm having some weird issues with a casper policy that is suppose to install all software updates and reboot if the update requires it to do so. Here's the output from manually triggering the policy. capps-2400:~ root# jamf -policy installChecking fo...  View more

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Casper Admin's window positioning

Hello, It seems Casper Admin remembers its window positions, which is ordinarily a good thing -- the Admin window is right where you left it the last time you quit the program. Unfortunately, this can cause a problem when using a laptop with a second...  View more

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Adobe Acrobat 8 package

Has anyone had issues with making a packing for the latest version ofacrobat. Every time I make one, a user and to use a admin password andusername to launch acrobat. Thanks Rich  View more

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Firmware Updates

Does anyone have a good means of running firmware updates remotely? Sincemost require being at the computer holding down the power key I'm wonderingif there is an alternative to this. I've built an OS image for new Intel Macs which already has all th...  View more

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Office 2004 updates

We do it the same way, update the entire office suite, make a DMG of thatand push it out via casper. I have seen this article, but haven't tried it out. It uses the VISEinstaller log to build a diff pkg file, that could then be used to deploythe upda...  View more

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Office 2004 Update

Wanted to see how most Casper users run Office updates in their environment.Need to run the latest Office update. Up to now I've been running the updateon one machine and use ARD to push ŒMicrosoft Office 2004' folder with theupdate to machines that ...  View more

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Smart Group errors

Hello, Because I have some computers with Office 2004 and others with Office X, I need to be able to distinguish between them.Rather than manually create two groups of computers, I wanted to leverage the power of Smart Groups to handle this for me. B...  View more

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