Clear Local User (Admin) Passcode - Computer

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Hello All,

I have a user with a Macbook Pro in a remote location and he cannot remember his password so it's prompted him for a recovery key (not.. a FileVault prompt right?). The Macbook is FileVault encrypted and I'm hoping to just clear his password remotely so he can use his account again and just reset the password (without clearing his data of course).

I know that this is possible on mobile devices but I haven't seen any options with Computer Management Commands..

The laptop is kind of out of my hands because it's currently in another country. Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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Sounds like the user entered the wrong password more than a few times and its now asking or referring the user to provide a recovery key to reset the password. Do you use MDM / Jamf to encrypt and escrow recovery keys? if so that will be the next step is for them to use a PRK or Institutional key for access.