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Up until recently, we have been using a script "depnotify-script-based-install" based on the instruction.

But since Big Sur we are finding it no longer kicks off by itself. We have to boot the iMac, it picks up the enrollment but then fails to kick off the "depnotify-script-based-install" script.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this? Attached it the scrip, but clearly removed the public web directory from the image.

Any help would be great. 023626de86964931ade78200fce3d554


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Do you sign your DEPNotify PKG? When you run that script manually on a Big Sur Mac do you get any errors?

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i noticed that some of my DEP scripts that should kick in with an "enrollment" trigger are not being run at all on laptops that come with BigSur 11.2 preinstalled. erasing OS and performing a new install from recovery gets the latest OS and solves the issue, in my case anyway. You should try to see if the problem persists with the newer os versions.

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@raven.dover Which version of DEP Notify is that url pulling? Should be 1.1.6 for Big Sur

I followed this guide to get a depnotify package into my prestage. The pkg has a post install script that calls a policy with the script on the GitHub page you mentioned in your post. Simple and has worked over and over again without fail on different OS builds.