Enable Automator Actions from Third Parties?

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We have many internally developed Automator Actions, fully #code-signed, and trusted for production use, but we have run into a problem…

On macOS Mojave, 3rd party Automator Actions must be enabled within Automator. Until they are enabled, they are non-functional in a workflow.


Automator 3rd Party Actions must be enabled, and require Admin Rights to enable. Clicking the "Third Party Actions…" button within the action, or accessing the "Third Party Automator Actions…" choice from the Automator menu brings up the following dialog.


Once enabled, the 3rd party Automator actions are visible and appear to function as expected.


The Big Question?

Is there a configuration profile that can be pushed to Enable Automator Actions from Third Parties? Or is there another method to enable this on the computer so I don't have to perform yet another manual configuration step to enable our users on each computer they use to actually do their work. The irony of requiring manual intervention to enable wanted automation…think about it Apple.


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I'm having the same issue here. Did you ever figure out a way to trust third party actions?

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This setting is controller by the presence of a file located at /private/var/db/Scripting/.Automator3PPActions – it appears that the setting can be enabled by manually creating this file:

sudo install -m 444 /dev/null /private/var/db/Scripting/.Automator3PPActions

The setting can then be disabled by deleting this file.

Thank you for pointing this location out. However, this location is protected by SIP and I don't believe this method will work unless SIP is disabled, which we're not doing in our environment.