http error code 416: range requests

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server side is nginx 1.2.2. clients occasionally attempt downloading payloads (scripts, pkgs, etc.) and end up downloading an html error page instead, causing the policy to fail.

when this happens, the clients appear to be requesting a range which doesn't match what the server has available.

so, what exactly does jamf pass to curl to retrieve files, and how can i prevent it from attempting this?


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I know this is old, but I figure I would pass on what I just found, so it is here for future generations.

What looked like was happening was curl was attempting to restart the download where it left off, but apparently was passing bad information to the web server (apache2 in my case).

I had to remove the 'partial' download from /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Downloads, and when I re-ran the policy no error, and the policy worked fine.

I'm still debating weather to add a Self Service policy for people to click to 'clean out' that folder'...