Pre-Stage Enrollment Question

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I have noticed something interesting over the last couple of weeks that I though I would post up here and see if there is a way to either fix it or just leave it be as it doesn't seem to be effecting our workflow. I work for a very large High School District in California and we have 26 campuses. Let me preface this by saying that our Jamf environment was set up by someone else long before I began working with it. Our workflow from purchase of a computer or device is as follows. We assign the computer/device or order number to our district server in ASM. Once that is complete and it syncs with Jamf, then it's located in our Pre-Stage Enrollment Scope and assigned to the specific site that computer/device is designated. When looking it up I have noticed that it seems Jamf just randomly assigns a Pre-Stage Enrollment location to the device instead of being assigned to the specific sites Pre-Stage. As an example, I might have a device that is attached to the North High Pre-Stage but that computer/device is supposed to be in the South High Pre-Stage. Why is that? As I mentioned, it doesn't seem to have any effect on our process or computer/devices but I thought maybe I would just ask and get some feedback.


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The different prestages can have a assign here by default.

Example - in ASM I have lab, and employees groups. I have one prestage for employee, and it’s set to assign new devices. In the lab, I have multiple prestages and none of them have assign to as default. This way I assign a device to the lab group, then gone in to Jamf, and assign it to the specific prestage lab group.

The employee device , in theory, would auto assign to the correct prestage, and be ready for deployment just by assigning it in ASM. The lab device would require specifying the specific prestage before it can be deployed.

Apologize if I used wrong terminology.

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@CSCC-JS Thank you. I get it.