Timeout when editing a script in web portal

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Has anyone had this problem. When editing a script in the JAMF script editor, the JAMF web times out and asks if you want to continue. Clicking continue reloads the page insstead of just letting you continue. This happened twice while I was typing, the result was losing my work.


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Yes it happens. And yes its annoying and Jamf should fix it. It's been this way a long time and they have not improved the situation sadly.
I tend to edit my scripts outside of the Jamf console and then copy/paste to overwrite the script in the console once I'm done, which avoids this issue, usually.

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Thanks for the response and advice, I thought it would be the case. Maybe its such an obvious thing that they (JAMF) don't think they need to fix it. lol.

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The server appears to get confused when there are several tabs open, and one of them times out. This appears to effect all other tabs as well. When working on a policy that uses smart groups and scripts and what do I know this can indeed be extremely annoying. I had cases where I only could login again after I had closed all except one tab I had open on the server.

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yep, annoying!

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Is there a feature request for this? Probably more like a bug.