Upgrading Pulse Secure While Remote

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We are trying to upgrade our Mac's to a newer version of Pulse Secure while they are remote. Going from version 5.1.5 to 9.1x Challenges we are facing are that the clients are mostly all remote and using the VPN connection and we are still using JAMF Pro on-prem. Once the update occurs the client will lose the connection to our JAMF Pro.

Does anyone have experience or suggestions on how we can do this remotely ? Possibly using an offline policy ?



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@jconte The approach I took when I was in this situation was to have a .pkg which dropped another .pkg for installing Pulse Secure into /tmp, and then ran a postinstall that created a LaunchDaemon which watched for the VPN connection to drop and then ran the installer staged in /tmp


Hey @sdagley I came across this post when doing some similar research for my own environment. Any way you'd be willing to share specifically how your LaunchDaemon watched for the "VPN connection to drop"? So far I haven't figured out how to do this since Pulse doesn't seem to have any status indicator (other than in the UI). Appreciate any insight you're willing to provide, thanks!