Using MUT for user-creation without LDAP

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Hi guys!

I'm trying to work out an issue I've got with a jamf cloud instance.

To complicate things; we're not using LDAP. And we have set up the prestage enrollment on iPads to auth using Azure identity.

This step goes through, and we get a user created with the username equal to the azure ID. (email)

I want to be able to associate this "email" with more user-information like, fullname, position, etc. I've Tried to use MUT to put all the users into our JamfCloud, but it seems like MUT 5.1.1 misses the endpoint when using UserTemplate.csv without an "existing user" to create a new user.

Anyone know a way to get my user-information into Jamf Pro without using an LDAP.

And, as soon as it gets into Jamf pro, let the device associate the corresponding SSO ID towards the username from the upload?


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Hi @Rebry Are you utilizing Intune for your Azure sign in. Maybe you could export the Serial Number, Email and Username as a CSV from Intune. Then you could retry uploading to the MUT with the serial number as the constant.

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an issue arises when there are new iPads that's not yet allocated. meaning, they don't have a serial -> person association yet. This is why i want to use the azure sso to log into the device. (to tag into jamf whoever's using the device)