Help with a script Hide app or an option in a app

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Hi 1 : first of all am no expert in scripts so go easy on me plz ;) .the first question is that i want to hide and app on my ipad or a groupe of ipads and i want to do it using a script i found some scripts but they seem no to work for me like :

tell application "TextExpander" to launch
tell application "Finder"
set visible of process "TextExpander" to false
end tell

2 : i want to hide an option inside the app like when you go to setting and you go to general you hide for example aidrop option , soo is it possible to do that with jamf school scripting methode or not ,

thanks a lot for your help .


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Hi simo002,


the scripting module is only usable to execute shell scripts on macOS devices.


If you want to hide something like AirDrop, check the Restrictions-Payload on a profile under Profiles->Profiles in the menu. Make sure your device is assigned to a device group and the profile is assigned to the same device group.


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