Building a BYOD Program with User Enrollment and Jamf Pro

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Is anyone using this yet?

My organisation is very interested in using this as the previous MDM solution (InTune) was able to remotely wipe an entire user's device, which was not popular for users who just wanted email on their devices, whereas this solution separates user and institutional data, and can only manage the latter.

I have followed the guide here but have found it to be incomplete and a bit confusing. I have managed to enroll a device, but cannot get Self Service on to it, which is the recommended method of distributing the required Apps and configurations on to it.

Also according to the guide, I should not be able to wipe a users personal device that has been enrolled in this way, but the option is there in management.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has got this working for them.



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Laurence ... wondering if you ever got this to work?