iOS Check-In issue

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I have about 100 iPads that for some reason decided to stop checking-in about a month ago. I recently setup 25 new iPads and enrolled them with no issues. I went back to see that the apps were installed that I pushed to them and found that they were all pending. After looking at the last inventory date, I found that it did the initial inventory when rolled out and then hasn't checked in since. Currently the Mobile Device Inventory Collection is set to daily.Any ideas?
JSS 9.101.0


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Are these iPads:

-Unlocked (either have no passcode or the passcode has been entered)
-Connected to a wireless network where they can reach your JSS and Apple servers?
-Still showing a valid JAMF profile under Settings > General > Device Management (if memory serves)?

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What generation iPad, what iOS? Does hard reset and/or forgetting/rejoining WiFi network help?


I too am having this issue, except only with one iPad.

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What iOS are the ipads on? In the new iOS 11, I have seen where if you are using a wifi autojoin profile, if you are already connected to that wifi before the configuration profile is pushed, it kicks you off. I have a support case in with Apple Enterprise regarding it as they were able to replicate the issue.

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Are there any updates on this one?
I am having the same issue. I am keen to understand if there is a bug?
Last registered version iOS 11.3 according to JAMF Pro
I know the devices have the latest 11.4.1 software.
there were 5 in total, but after rebooting our Mac-mini, mdm server and the iPads.....1 came back online and is all ok, but the other 4 are still not checking in.
All pending updates have been cancelled, blank push sent and update inventory sent.
Machines connected and disconnected to wifi, even forgot the network and logged in with a different acct.
profiles still installed.
I am at a loss on this one.

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Any update on this?

I'm seeing the same thing on a couple of carts. I have 1-1 for 5th through 8th and all of those are responding to JAMF just fine, but I have two carts, for the lower grades. They all stopped checking in after June 6th this year. Various iOS versions.

I see the certs are on the iPads.. connected to Wi-Fi. They are working, just not checking in and getting any updates I push.

Not sure what to do except for to wipe each of these and resetup?

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I also have this problem. One iPhone stopped talking to jamf Pro although it still has the profile installed it does not check in. Started at the end of 2018 and still persists.

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Same issue for us, devices have the correct push certificate token and the correct date and time but never check in only time they checked in was when they were first enrolled.

Has anyone managed to solve this? I don't fancy having to wipe the devices.

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We started using Jamf last fall and deployed about 120 iPhones pre-enrlloed. We now have 12 that stopped talking to Jamf for no reason and can't seem to get an answer as to why or how to get them to talk again. Only quick-solution offered so far is to wipe device, which is not going to happen. If it was just one, I could play backup/restore/backup/restore tricks to make it to enroll again (using a temporary device) but not when I have another 11 deployed out there. I am working with support and getting it escalated.

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@RiderOIT Hello, did you find a soution to this without wipe/reinstall?

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@RiderOIT and @tjhall Any word on this. I have had it happen in the past and I have just wiped the device and started over, but I now have a teacher device that has stopped checking in. I am trying to figure it out without having to wipe her device. With the state that our schools are in right now I don't really want to add any stress to her life with having to set everything back up again. There has to be a way to get these devices back and checking in with Jamf.

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Just jumping in here, sounds like time to start a support ticket! I wish I had an answer for you, but I'm sure they can get you sorted!