Using HTTP on a distribution point outside the firewall

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We're in the process of moving from a JDS to a file share DP using AFP. In testing we've just found it to be more reliable, both in client access and casper admin use. The problem is I want to stick with HTTP outside of the firewall for remote clients. I understand using network segments or failover I can point clients to one DP or another, but since HTTP seems to be be set up as an ancillary protocol on a DP how does the client know it should use HTTP instead of AFP? What I really need is to have a single DP with both protocols defined and have internal clients use AFP and outside clients use HTTP, so how would I set this up?


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In v9 you're required to put in values in afp/smb. I usually put useless values in for afp/smb if i'm creating a HTTP distro. Casper will ignore them if you have the "Use HTTP Downloads" checked.

What we do is, Scope to the office ip's and internally use AFP, if a client from Office X is outside the network, casper hasn't updated his IP and tries to hit office x's distro, it will auto failover to our external DP. The policy takes about 15 secs to run but will finish.

@brysontyrrell has a great writeup about HTTP Distros(but using