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Casper Admin 9.81

I've been noticing problems uploading packages to my test 9.81 JSS with Casper Admin. This has happened on 2 different Macs. One client running 10.10.5 and the other 10.11. Some packages will work and others not. Then a couple minutes later those tha...  View more

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Screen Saver vs Power Save

I created a profile that starts the screen saver after 15 minutes and one minute later requires a password. The profile works, but it seems to have an unintended side affect. If a user has Energy Saver settings that put the computer to sleep after sa...  View more

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upgrading OS X 10.10.x to 10.11 with FV2

Kind of a quick inquiry and recommendation, our company a few months ago performed bare metal installs of 10.10.x and now are wanting to upgrade some of these users to 10.11 - we have FV2 enabled and are curious do you decrypt the FV2 drive or just i...  View more

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Pro Tools 12

Anyone successfully deployed this? Is it similar to 11, where installing a) Pro Toolsb) iLokc) Avid HD Driverd) Avid Codecs And then running this script (for 11.3, not sure if it also applies to 12) will do the trick? https://app.box.com/s/i6exf4r6d2...  View more

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policies triggered 'Enrollment Complete'

I'm still at 9.51. when Mavericks casper imaging configuration completes, policies that are set to run at 'Enrollment Complete' do not get triggered. If I enroll via quickaddpkg the policies run as expected. anyone have any insight on what might be t...  View more

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Workflow to assign VPP Apps to IOS Devices?

Hello!JSS: 9.8.1iOS Devices: iPad AiriOS Version: 9.0.2 Anyone have a good workflow for assigning VPP apps to iOS devices that does not require a student AppleID? I have about 50 iPads to assign to a group of students, and if I don't have to gather t...  View more

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FileVault 2 Deferred Enablement - El Capitan

Have any of you guys had issues with FileVault 2's deferred enablement feature since upgrading to El Capitan? Here's the scenario I'm running into so far: Mac had FileVault 2 successfully deployed and encrypted via Casper using deferred enablement wh...  View more

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Yosemite not connecting to WiFi

Recently updated my JSS to 9.8.1, and since then Macbook Airs from my most recent Yosemite image are not connecting to WiFi. The network is listed as a preferred network, but I have to manually connect the imaged computer to the SSID (and put in the ...  View more

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TestNav iOS plist file?

I know it's theoretically possible to send out a plist with a managed app. Does anyone have the settings for TestNav? If not, could I steal the file from the desktop version and use the same settings?  View more

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Editing Network Segments

We are doing a phased move to a new building, and are setting up new network segments (we currently scope a bunch of policies based on network segments). I'm thinking about setting up a new segment, and then changing the name once all the moves are c...  View more

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El Capitan Evaluation (Problems so far)

Hey All, I wanted to get a running list together of what are some common issues everyone has seen in regards to El Capitan. We are currently doing our evaluation of the new OS to make sure that it is working with all our software. As many of us know ...  View more

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Hosting Script

Does anyone have a bash script that will allow adding a networking host during imaging? Essentially we want to make sure all of our machines point to our server IP address. If you need an example type: sudo vi /private/etc/hosts to see your hosting f...  View more

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Rolling back to a snapshot

We're currently planning to upgrade our JSS from 9.65 to the 9.81. Has anyone ever had a failed upgrade, or had things go awry with this sort of upgrade and done a snapshot recovery (we run our JSS in VMware vSphere) -- and has that worked well for y...  View more

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DockFixup and SIP?

Now that the DockFixup plist is guarded by SIP (/System/Library/CoreServices/Dock.app/Contents/Resources/com.apple.dockfixup.plist), how are admins keeping those "extra" Apple apps out of a managed dock?  View more

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ipmitool setup/configure assistance

This might be a longshot, but I figured I would throw this out there - I am trying to configure/setup an old xServe backup server with lights out management functionality (there was never anything configured on this box before). Essentially I just wa...  View more

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Casper Imaging for Windows

Hi All, Our Windows team has managed to get deploy studio to image the macs with a Windows PXE image from their servers using deploy studio. The good thing is Deploy studio actually mounts a network repository which can access that particular file, t...  View more

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Apple Configurator 2

I am curious how many have had a chance to play with Apple configurator 2.0 and or also upgraded their production apple configurator to Apple configurator 2.0 ? It's quite a shift in design... still getting used to the GUI. I have also found my produ...  View more

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Policy Deferral Option Dialog Window

Does the Policy Deferral Option Dialog window display its message when the system is in Single Application mode (Full Screen)? We want to use the Deferral Option on OS Update Policies, but only if it does not display the Deferral Window when the syst...  View more

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JUNC 2015 - Late to the Party

I am arriving late to the party! Trying to find a room close to the venue. Unfortunately, everything is booked. Anybody driving? Anybody staying a little further out? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! ;0)  View more

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Casper Admin Losing Packages

Maybe I am crazy, however, it seems that when I upload anything to my JDS using Casper Admin (version 9.81) the package shows up in the JSS but the corresponding policies fail. Once Casper Admin is closed then reopened it shows the pkg as missing. Th...  View more

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Configurator 2 auto opening Photos

I know this isn't strictly Casper related, but I know there are probably a lot of us using Configurator alongside the Casper Suite to manage iOS devices. Just started using Configurator 2 and was disappointed that Photos STILL auto opens every time i...  View more

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iOS SingleApp mode with URL

Greetings: I am looking at deploying a large number of iOS devices and want to lock them to Safari Single-App mode but also specify the URL that the devices use (basically turning them in to information kiosks). Can setting the URL be done through th...  View more

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Global HTTP proxy requesting re-authentication

All, We have been testing using the Global HTTP Proxy with the Squid proxy. Our test with iOS 8 seemed to go well until iOS 9 was released. What we discovered is following the 8>9 upgrade (and now the 9 > 9.0.3 upgrade), the proxy settings would cons...  View more

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