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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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iOS apps deploy scope into incorrect group

Hi All, Does anyone have this issue?? iOS Apps scope in JSS send to incorrect group. Even thought you try remove the apps it will still install it back? See my Webdav apps which I only set to yr2 group but it install on yr1. I am using JSS v9.81. Cur...  View more

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JNUC 2015 | Information, Logistics & Links

The JNUC is upon us, and we are excited to welcome you. As you make your final preparations, we wanted to share a few bits of information that may be helpful during your time at the JNUC. If we've missed anything or you have questions, let us know. W...  View more

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I definitely want to attend this, but the session I'm in doesn't end until 12:15!  View more

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Bootp Relay?

Anyone have any experience with Bootp Relay. I have an Bootp Relay pkg that installs bootpd.plist and bootps.plist. I believe I have to modify the bootpd.plist, enter our netboot server IP, etc. I am not sure exactly which lines have to be modified, ...  View more

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Slow login times on AD domain-bound Macs

Hi All, I know this is an age-old problem with a million different possible fixes out there, but it's driving me nuts and hopefully somebody has seen this particular flavor before. My apologies in advance for the super-long post, but there is a lot g...  View more

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Apps Deployment by device

Anybody having issues with deploying apps to device? I was told that have location services off, seemed to be causing issues with App Deployment by device?  View more

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Common server URL's for Content Filter

Hey guys,We are implementing the Content filter under the Config Profile for the mobile devices. We have been successful at blocking the SnapChat app due to us tracing a test device on the network to the proper address. The people before us just had ...  View more

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Self Service.app permission issues.

I am not sure if this has something to do with the most recent version of JSS or if it is just a glitch, but we have found the the self service app has some strange permissions issues. If you check the permissions it shows that the user has read and ...  View more

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Cisco ISE (NAC) and Casper

Looking forward to meeting some of you all at the JNUC in a little while! Does anyone use Cisco ISE in conjunction with the Casper suite? I'm trying to determine if it is possible to posture Macintosh clients and send them to a QuickAdd.pkg? Thanks.B...  View more

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User Has not restarted in X number of days....

Hello All, Just realized that I have a login policy that over 500 of the computers in my environment do not have yet. Which means my users do not restart their machine .... ever. Anyway to script something or config something that makes users reboot ...  View more

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OS X Caching Server

Hi JAMF Nation I struggle with the configuration of an OS X Caching server running on a Mac mini with Yosemite. The situation:- Subnet- Firewall with pfSense running DHCP and DNS ( DNS lookup is correct (sudo changeip -check...  View more

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JNUC Calendar?

Dear JNUC-elheads:I haven't seen any option to subscribe to/import calendar of sessions at JNUC. Is there/will there be one? In 2013 you had an awesome "Events by Taptera" app which really helped to set a schedule. If I recall, when evaluating two se...  View more

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DEP not forcing MDM enrollment OS X

I'm just in the process of testing a DEP rollout for new devices.The devices are hitting the preStage Enrolments they are assigned to but don't; Skip items defined in the "OSX Setup Assistant" payload Force the MDM profile to be installed Once the ma...  View more

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iTunes Store formatting Issues

I have an Issue on three different Devices with iTunes 12.3 and how it displays the iTunes Store. See attached Screen Shots for TV Series & Apps - this behaviour happens since Friday night. I have opened a Ticket with Apple, but wanted to find out, i...  View more

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Apple Remote Desktop Sluggishness

Hey all. Some time ago (1+ years ago) Apple Remote Desktop on my main Macbook Pro started bogging down when screen sharing from a remote Mac that has motion on the screen. The session becomes utterly slow and the fans ramp up on the local host becaus...  View more

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NetSUS update to support 10.11?

I recognize that in the background that the JAMF Netsus is using Reposado and there is probably a manual way to update Reposado to pull in Software Update Catalogs for 10.11, but in my mind JAMF should just be releasing an update for the appliance to...  View more

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Software update server vs caching server

JAMF still has the settings dialog for a software update server in the JSS. My preliminary investigation is hearing that Apple's caching server is the bee's knee's so why isn't JAMF using that instead? Does the SUS fill some role that the caching ser...  View more

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Free Walking Tour App of Guthrie for JNUC2015

In awesome celebration to all that is JNUC, we created an app that discovers beacons around the Guthrie and shows a message on your lock screen. The message is related to interesting points either to do with the conference (because it rocks), the Gut...  View more

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Netboot - Weird and Inconsistant Netboot behavior

Hello, I have been using netboot/netinstall for about 7 years now, on the Classic Server OS, and also the new incarnation of the server app, running on servers with an OS as new as El Capitain. We manage 31 school sites, and many of them have Netboot...  View more

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