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Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation! Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta is now released Now with Dark Mode!! There are also many new features and fixes, please view the release notes for further information. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at...  View more

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9.63 - Self Service

Hi All, I think I came across how to do this somewhere in the black hole that is the internet, but can't seem to find it again. Would anyone know if there is a way to display a message to a user when an app has been added to their Self Service app fo...  View more

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Help us catch a thief

One of our school laptops was stolen at the end of last school year, but the thief was too dumb to erase it. He somehow created a local admin account to use, but didn't touch our admin/root info. We realized the computer is still checking in to JSS, ...  View more

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Link to NWEA pushed to iPads doesn't work.

Tried pushing a link through JSS to test.mapnwea.org to the student iPads and cannot make it work. It opens Safari to about:blank and sits there. If the student types the url into Safari it brings up a notice about allowing popups and then it works, ...  View more

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Self Service only

I am looking to put software into Self Service scoped only to computers that do not have the software. I have created a few policies to do that, but something is setup wrong. It looks like the software is installing on the computer instead of waiting...  View more

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Anyone running JSS manual installation on RHEL?

I have a support ticket open on some items that are DB related, however I've come across what I think are some bugs in the configuration/classes in the manual installation. Has anyone successfully used this in their environment? The issues I'm having...  View more

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Error Mounting Distribution Point?

Executing Policy Microsoft Office 2011... Mounting CasperShare (company) to /Volumes/CasperShare... verbose: Result of mount attempt: - The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.jamfsoftware.core.errors error 211.) verbose: Result code of mount attem...  View more

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Reporting on Computrace version

Does anyone have any experience reporting on what version of Computrace a machine has? Its an elusive "application" but I want to be able to report on it. Is there some code maybe in an Extension Attribute that could be used? Thanks in advance for th...  View more

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laptop rollout best practices question

we are about to replace all of our elementary teacher’s MacBooks with macbook airs. in a perfect wold we would be handing the teachers their new never opened, still-in-the-box, MacBooks and using DEP to join AD and enroll in JSS and assign the device...  View more

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SUS Branches not pulling updates

I am currently setting up our NetSUS with 2 branches. 1 for Production and 1 for Test-environment. All of my URLs are working fine, but when computers try to update from AppStore nothing shows up. My preference.plist in /var/lib/reposado looks like t...  View more

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Block specific outgoing port?

I have a need to block a specific outgoing port to any host (port 3268, msft-gc, the Microsoft Global Catalog). The native AD plugin on OS X is frankly broken at the moment, causing opendirectoryd to query every member of every AD group/DL the user i...  View more

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Force MDM Web Clip to open in Google Chrome?

I manage a Web Clip for a team of engineers who use a CMDB solution (ServiceNow) for checking industrial & scientific equipment in the field. They do this on iPads using Safari. The CMDB solution is a cloud-based web interface, no third-party apps ar...  View more

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Packaging AirServer Success?

Hello, New to AirServer. Anybody have tips on packaging it? Built .DMG with FUT and FEU checked, but asks for serial still. Thanks!  View more

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Mirror iPhone on Mac

I know with AirPlay you can mirror an iPhones display onto a OS X system, but we have Bonjour/mDNSResponder disabled. Is there a way to view an iPhone screen on a Mac another way? Preferably via a wired connection like thunderbolt? This would need to...  View more

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Unable to deploy Xerox printer mappings

Ever since we have been using Casper Suite 9.3 I have been unable to deploy new Xerox printer mappings. I was hoping upgrading to 9.6 would help but we just did that a couple of days ago and it did not. I can add printer mappings using Casper Admin w...  View more

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Screen Sharing Options

Casper Remote / Apple Remote Desktop / Screen Sharing I believe all of these options work off the VNC engine if I'm not mistaken. I do a lot of remote work and use RDP heavily on the Windows side. Is there a better solution that other Mac admins are ...  View more

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Remove Printer Sctip

Hi, I'm trying to deploy a script that will remove specific printers. The problem I'm running into is that not all of them are named the same. For example, we have Printer1_Ricoh and Printer1_Ricoh_Bob. I'm using lpadmin -x Printer1_Ricoh in the scri...  View more

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