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Jamf Pro 10.45 - Release Notes Video

Customer Education is back again with our second Jamf Pro Release Notes video! Join us for an overview of some of the new features and enhancements that are available in Jamf Pro 10.45. We hope this new resource continues to provide additional detail...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.45 Now Available

Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.45. Highlights of this release include: Google BeyondCorp Enterprise Integration The Google BeyondCorp Enterprise integration now includes the following enhancements: macOS, iOS, and iPadOS platforms are available f...  View more

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Updates to Inbound/Outbound Traffic with Jamf Cloud

As a follow-up to a recent post regarding some additional IP address that have been included in the Outbound traffic from Jamf Cloud, below is a list of the Outbound IP Address that have been added. For a complete list, please see the “Permitting Inb...  View more

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Thanks for participating!

Hey all, I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who participated and a huge thank you to @charliwest for organizing. I know I had a blast getting to meet all of you and I think it was a huge success from a JAMF standpoint. Lots of great discu...  View more

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Search Package Index?

Hello,I am running into a situation where I need to know which package (or DMG) is installing a particular file when imaging. I know all of my packages are indexed in Casper Admin. Is there a way to search that index for a particular file to find out...  View more

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Device-assigned VPP apps, data and iCloud backup

So, today we've been testing how the new way of app distribution without Apple ID behaves with data and iCloud backup. The results from today aren't good. Here's the process and the results: device assigned apps are deployed to a DEP supervised iPad ...  View more

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Thanks nsdjoe

Thanks again nsdjoe,Productive get together. I feel like several admins need help with U13 portal uploads and kiosks. I can help, just ask.  View more

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Self-service apps to install device-based apps

We have a BYOD program and are trialing JSS. We have successfully set us JSS to push apps silently to users. Is it possible to have students use self-service to install device-based apps without being prompted for Apple ID login?  View more

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Upgrade experiences going from 9.6x to 9.8x

We are closing in a window of opportunity to get JSS updated from 9.65 > 9.81. In the past (at another company) we were bitten by jumping ahead two minor versions 9.5x > 9.7x. Anyone here jump directly from 9.65 > 9.81 and survive? Care to share your...  View more

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Locate and possibly remove a .mobileconfig file

So, when our company moved into it's new digs, a .mobileconfig profile had to be installed first day. Not everyone got it, and it turns out that it's the source of some problems. I have a new .mobileconfig file that's been distributed and is working ...  View more

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2011 MacBook Pros and smart groups

This is damn frustrating. Not sure if it's Apple's issue or Casper. Apple GSX (and MacTracker) lists the model name as "MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011)" or "MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2011)" while Casper lists them both as "15-inch MacBook Pro (201...  View more

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Certs not appearing in Recon nor Composer

I have installed my Apple Developer & Installer certs. I can sign in Packager fine. But the option in dropdown prefs for Composer and Recon will not show my Dev/Installer cert. Therefore I can't sign Composer packages & Quickadd.pkg. I could have swo...  View more

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Notes 9 Crashes after clase

Hi all!! Any of you has been had a problem with lotus 9 and A Yosemite mac ?? The problem is that Lotus Crashes when it close. We have been installed JAMF on the system by september, after that the problems started. The common behavior is that a note...  View more

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New to JAMF Casper

Hey Everyone Just getting started with JAMF Casper here, and I would like to dive right in and see what are the best ways to get things done. I would like to know what are the best ways to package applications to be installed to your images or throug...  View more

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Smart group based on check-in status

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a way to group devices based on how long they have been checking in outside of my network. Here is an example: I have a computer that has been checking in from the outside for 2 weeks straight without ever coming...  View more

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Thank you!

An enormous thank you to everyone who attended. We had so many insightful questions and ideas. It is exciting to see so many of us asking deep questions about the status quo in IT, and searching for better ways of participating in the organizations w...  View more

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JSS Startup - Checking for tables...

Howdy! We had a tiny problem with our xServe (10.10.5) due to space, and everything went haywire. Got 6 GB of space back and now we can't seem to get the JSS to start back up. It's stuck on the painful 'Checking for tables...' progress bar. I have se...  View more

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View apple ID on devices

Just wanted to ask if it is possible, when viewing iPads in our jamf mdm, to see which apple ID is currently being used on any particular device? Our students should only be using our academy apple ID however we are finding that some are using their ...  View more

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