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Deploying Symantec Management Agent (Altiris)

I'm trying to deploy a package via jamf cloud to install the Symantec Management Agent on machines. This is not SEP The file from the server downloads as a zip, with a .pkg and additional resources folder I understand these need to be put into a DMG ...  View more

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Nomad and multiple accounts

We have been using Nomad, the free version, for a while now. One of the issues that I face is with my “management” account. Our Macs are bound to AD and we use mobile accounts to login. Everyone uses a “standard / non-admin” account for day to day wo...  View more

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Checking if file exist with Jamf script (ROOT)

Hey guys.I tried everything in Jamf nation and other sites.I couldn't find any solution for my problem.I'm trying to write a script that test the file existence and if its true he should do the A if not he should do B.The problem is that nothing work...  View more

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