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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Cisco VPN AnyConnect

Hello There, I am wondering if there is anyone using Cisco VPN Any-connect 4.9 in macOS Big sur Beta? I installed it but it is giving me error right from start and I can't even launch it. Please see the attached screenshot for the error. Any help app...  View more

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EA for determining Indesign plugin

I need to track a plugin for InDesign, I thought I would utilize EAs to accomplish this, and I have one working for it. However, it is hardcoded to a specific version of InDesign, could someone help me modify this for any version of InDesign and repo...  View more

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Apple Active Directory Plugin

Afternoon All I hear that this old plugin is going to be phased out, any one know of any time lines of when this might be? Or have i heard incorrectly?  View more

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RedGiant Plugins Usage

Hi Everyone, We use the Adobe products and some packs of plugins with it.We are using Red Giant Suites with a Floating license server where we can see which suite is in use.I need to know if there is a way to see in JAMF which suite is in use and how...  View more

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IOS content filter plugin

We are in the process of going to a cloud-based Relay content filter and are looking to use there IOS Plugin for filtering. To my knowledge, it always needs to be running to make sure it gets the latest policy. Is there any way to force the app to st...  View more

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Smart Groups based on Custom Plugins?

Hi everyone, I've recently inherited a JSS, and they have configuration profiles and policies go to certain smart groups. The criteria for these smart groups is based on if the machine has a specific plug-in. I need to create a new plug-in, but I'm n...  View more

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Blocking Outlook Plug-in for Cisco Webex

Has anybody had to deal with Cisco Webex Plug-in. If user installs Cisco Webex Meetings it adds the plug-in for Outlook and works. However if user installs plug-in from Office Add-ins it comes up as unauthorized. Is there a way to block the office ad...  View more

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Ad Blocker for macOS

All, Simple question, possibly a complex answer. Do any of you use an ad blocker such as uBlock Origin etc. If so what is it and why did you pick that one. I am looking at possible ad blockers for my environment as we have seen a number of phishing/p...  View more

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WebEx_MTG Removal

hello everyone, Removing Webex software on a Mac can be performed manually or by using the Uninstaller tool. but when I go to the Cisco page the Mac Cisco-Webex Uninstaller is a package that if i push thru JSS would prompt a window and need user inte...  View more

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Safari 12 hates plugins and extensions

Safari 12 seems to have broken the launching of pre-installed Zoom clients when clicking on a zoom meeting URL. Now when we click a zoom meeting link, it downloads a client for users to install - even though we already have it deployed on every Mac. ...  View more

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Self Service URL Plugin Cache

I've been working on a static HTML page with some info for our users that we will put in Self Service as a plugin URL. I made an update to this page and I can't get the updates to show up in Self Service on my test machine, which seems to have the ol...  View more

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Safari Sharepoint Plugin -- trusting sites

My organization has just changed intranet platforms and is now heavily leveraging SharePoint and Yammer. Does anyone have any ideas for how to pre-populate sites into the trust settings for the Safari SharePoint Plugin? Yes, I know there are security...  View more

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CrashPlanProe installation and self service plugin

has anyone installed CrashPlanPROe via Self Service ?did you read the 'administering crashplanPROe with the Casper Suite' technical paper Casper suite v9.0 or later 19 August 2014 to assist in your installation. if so, have you installed the Self Ser...  View more

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Opening Sharepoint files with Office 2016 apps

Add this to the pile of weird changes since Office 2011: I discovered that if you install Office 2016 on a Mac that has never had ANY version of Office on it before, the Sharepoint browser and webkit plugins are not installed in /Library/Internet Plu...  View more

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Software Definitions - "Plug-in Name"

Hello JAMF Nation!Kinda a newbie question... was messing with "Licensed Software" today, and wanted to know what "Plug-in Name" in the Software Definitions tab refers to? Can someone give an example? Or an example of a "Plug-in" I might want to catal...  View more

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Lync web plug-in, LWAPlugin15.8.bundle

Do you manage or install the Lync web plug-in? If yes, do you put it into /Library/Internet Plug-Ins or do you put it in ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins ? The installer from Microsoft wants to place it into the user's folder, which is ~/Library/Internet ...  View more

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Policy Failed to run

Starting from last 2 week, we started facing issue with self-serivce. When user try to install app from Self-Service, it throws below error; Any idea what could the cause?  View more

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Creating Self Service URL Plug-ins via script

Hi all. I wanted to post something that I put together about a month or so back, in case it would be useful to some of you. We don't really use Self Service URL plug-ins here, despite my occasional urging that they are, or would be, extremely useful ...  View more

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Getting Silverlight to work with a certain sites

Hi,I have users that go to www.baselineedge.com which requires Silverlight. For a while now users complain that the site tells them they need to update Silverlight or they need to install Silverlight. All these users already have the latest edition o...  View more

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