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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Searching for Silverlight

I was searching for the Silverlight on the Third-Party Products page and even though I put in the search field both "Silverl" and Silverligh", no results were returned. Are partial search strings not allowed?  View more

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IOS/AD password sync certificates

Hello guys, i want to keep the password of AD and IOS in sync. I know this can be established by installing a certificate on the device which will work with a token for athentication (Kerberos?), but i'm not really sure on the steps to take here. I a...  View more

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Software Updates not working from SUS

Hi all.For the life of me, I just can't get Mac OSX Software Updates working from a SUS. I am also finding it difficult to find definitive documentation on setting a SUS up. I would appreciate if someone could give some input. I was using JAMF's NetS...  View more

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Hi All I'm new to configuring restrictions using casper. I would like to get all your opinions to best practice and how best to achieve this. I would like to restricted certain area's within System Preferences like "Security&Preferences" or can it be...  View more

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Xcode -- Running as a non-admin

Hey Guys, We removed our admin rights from our developers :(Because of this xcode seems to have some issues that im dealing with at this pointWe are running a script (found on jamfnation) which basically alleviates most issues as it puts the user in ...  View more

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Jamf Nation blocked by McAfee

Hi all, in testing McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac version 10.2.1 (2632) with Web Control Enabled, JAMF Nation comes up being blocked. See attached screen shot. Can get around this by disabling the Web Control, has anyone else come across this?  View more

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iPad block certain WiFi networks and certain apps

I am wondering is it possible to prevent any iPads from connecting to the guest wifi network. At my school we had just blocked Snapchat, Instagram and Pokémon GO last week on the main wifi network. The students and a few teachers went to the guest ne...  View more

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JAMF versus others MDM

Hi everyone, I need a feature comparison between AirWatch and Casper Suite to convince a customer to change his platform to JAMF to manage MacOS devices. Anybody has it ? Thanks a lot  View more

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Auto fill user handles on responses - bug?

A colleague ran into this, so I tested and got the same thing. Respond to a thread, and try to autofill a username like: @donmontalvo and you'll see the autofill result will span the screen vertically. Happens on Chrome 53.x, didn't try other browser...  View more

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EOI for JAMF CCA Course. Perth, Western Australia

Hi Nation! We, here at Scotch College in Perth, are looking at hosting a 4 day CCA course around December this year - if there is enough interest! We will be providing the venue, catering and will be flying out a JAMF Trainer for this event. The cost...  View more

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I love JAMF Swag

I love the JAMF t-shirts. I have the green and red one (limited). I also have the JNUC 2014 t-shirt too. I get compliments all the time. Just thought I let you know. Shirts are comfy, fit well, and the design is great (kudos to who did them). Please ...  View more

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Check it out!

As you might have noticed we deployed a new design for the JAMF Nation site today! Some highlights: - A more compact main navigation bar, with the most popular items included - The main JAMF Nation navigation will remain persistent across more locati...  View more

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JAMF Nation Email Digests - Stopped Working?

I've currently got the Email Digests option enabled within my JAMF Nation account. However since Tuesday I haven't received any emails. Is the JAMF Nation Email Digests system down? Are other JAMF Nation users who also have the Email Digests option e...  View more

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Cron Not Running??

Recently did a clean install of El Capitan on some student computers. Previously running Yosemite. I have a cron job set to run a perl script which deletes user accounts. This same cronjob which previously ran in Yosemite (so did the script), is not ...  View more

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Please vote up

Probably trivial, but thought I'd post to request to be able to select text and insert URL... Easier way to post URLs...should just select text, hit URL button and type or paste URL, no?  View more

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