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Third-Party Security Issue

Update 12/28On December 9, 2021, a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) was identified in the log4j library (https://www.lunasec.io/docs/blog/log4j-zero-day/). The log4j project released version 2.15 to address this issue. New i...  View more

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How to access email id of user in non-AD environment?

Hi, We develop software client for OSX. Installation boot strap process requires machine's user email id. We wrote a shell script, this script reads email from AD, it is scheduled at user logged-in on JSS server. It works fine. In new deployment scen...  View more

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Disabling First-run Dialogs in Office 2016 for Mac

I was directed to this web link: https://macops.ca/disabling-first-run-dialogs-in-office-2016-for-mac but when i look under /Library/Preferences/ I do not have com.microsoft.Word (excel,ppoint) but i have it under ~/Library/Containers/com.microsoft.W...  View more

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Upgrading to El Capitan

HI Everyone, I know there has been a few discussions on this but something happened this morning that begs me to ask for more information on this. How many of you are doing fresh imaging with El Capitan rather than in place upgrades to El Capitan? I ...  View more

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Remove Wireless Network (SSID)

I am attempting to remove our guest wireless network (SSID) using WPA2 personal from all machines in my environment. I have scoured through JAMF Nation, in search of posts looking to achieve the same. I was able to find a handful of useful discussion...  View more

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Apple DEP device removal process

I have an iMac that we need removed from our inventory and want to remove it from DEP. I have "Disowned" in deply.apple.com however the MDM prompt is still coming up on this machine. Are there other steps we need to take to prevent this from happenin...  View more

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IOS 9.2 Not pushing inventory update

This appears to be documented in other communications regarding the need to update to 9.2.1, but just putting it out there incase anyone else missed it, like myself.... If you have any IOS 9.2 devices showing in MDM, you will find they are unlikely c...  View more

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AD Bind ComputerName and payload

Im very new in the mac and jamfworld so please correct me if im totalty off here. Im just trying to find the best solution! Im enrolling clients for a customer that requires rename prior to AD Bind and i solved that by having only two policys trigger...  View more

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Latest Training Series Documents

Hey guysI downloaded the Casper Suite 9.81 Admin Guide I also found but old Training Series documents where they tell you to go to X page and build X package etc But they are probably to old to reflect Casper Suite 9.81 Admin Guide with the proper pa...  View more

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Firmware password has to be removed before imaging?

I was attempting to reimage a Macbook Air which had a firmware password set. I know the password and got past the prompt to get to the Netboot options. Booted into Casper Imaging and selected my workflow options. Image was restored to the device, but...  View more

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Mac App Store Apps / VPP Content Not Deploying

Need some help figuring out deployment of Mac App Store apps that I obtained a VPP license for. Scratching my head as the apps won't deploy and in the computers I scoped to, there are no "pending commands". Hoping this is really easy! In the JSS, I s...  View more

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Build a smaller/faster NBI image?

I'm new to Casper, and just recently finished my Jumpstart. During the jumpstart, I was shown the process to create a Casper Imaging NBI to replace our current use of DeployStudio. The process that I was shown is to download the full installer of the...  View more

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Custom Trigger Not Working

My JSS is running 9.81 and I have been reading a lot about custom triggers and how useful they can be. I am in the process of a few tasks that would very much benefit from this use. However despite my efforts to simplify the workflow as much as possi...  View more

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Bug in "Send an Email" Form?

I think I've found a bug with the Sender Email address field on the Send an Email feature. Does anyone else have this problem? The field says: Sender Email AddressEmail address that the JSS will send the email from Steps to reproduce:1. Go to a Smart...  View more

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Mac app store apps asking for Apple ID

We are on 9.82 and are using Device Based Assignment for all of our apps, but when I add mac app store apps (that we have licenses for) it will occasionally pop up asking for an apple ID. It seems to be only on computers that have at some point logge...  View more

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Mac\iOS In Connecticut

Hello all, I currently manage about 150 Macs and 350 iOS devices for a town here in Connecticut. As I haven't had any luck finding a nearby district that matches our current deployment, I'm expanding my search here. We've run into a few issues, mostl...  View more

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JSS REST API C# example?

Does anyone have working JSS REST API code in c#? I am trying to write an application that can grab basic computer information but I cannot find any good examples of C# and REST API. If you have any sample code, sharing is greatly appreciated. Thanks...  View more

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VPP License says being used but is not assigned

Has anyone seen this issue where it says a VPP License is being used for a App but it really isn't? If so how do you fix it to reclaim that license to give to another user? 1 VPP licenses are being used for 'Apple Remote Desktop'0 computers have 'App...  View more

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Sketch Application - So many updates so quickly

So we don't give users admin for obvious reasons and Sketch comes out with updates almost weekly at this point. The problem is their files are only compatible with the version they were made in.I haven't worked autopkg into my workflow yet (I know!) ...  View more

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Force printers to print in grayscale

Hi all, We have over 170 printers in our environment and would like to make the printers print in grayscale by default. Does anyone have a script that the have in place to do anything like this? I do not want to have to touch all 170 printers. Right ...  View more

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