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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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MacOS Laps

We are looking for Laps implementation for our MacOS. we utilize jamf pro and jamf connect.our Macbook is binded to jamf connect. I had a look of MacOSLAPS however this solution require AD integration.is there another reliable laps solution that does...  View more

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force chrome extension incognito

Wondering if there is a way to for a chrome extension to always be on, even when a user opens an incognito tab? I see posts about how to enforce an extension to always be installed and not be able to uninstall, but the way around that is to just open...  View more

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Smart Groups from Enrolled Macbooks

Looking to see if there's a way to create a Smart Group for Macbooks already enrolled in the Jamf database. These Macbooks need to be unenrolled from Jamf on-prem server and reenrolled to the Jamf cloud. My hope is that when we move these Macbooks ov...  View more

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i dont see any uninstall in action menu when deploying app

Hi All, I am trying to uninstall app using jamf pro.However, when i tried to select uninstall from the action menu - i dont see uninstall option. https://docs.jamf.com/10.24.1/jamf-pro/administrator-guide/Uninstalling_Packages.html#:~:text=Select%20t...  View more

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Chrome iOS Discover Turn off App Config

I go to the Chrome browser on my iPad which is in the school MDM managed then to settings I scroll down and turn off Discover is there a way to turn them off and have a greyed out for everyone we don't want students to see the headlines news on the c...  View more

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macOS Ventura - Full Disk Access

macOS Ventura introduces an issue with Full Disk Access and i was reading apple is working on a fix (I hope).When checking the Full Disk Access on a macbook all of them are disabled.Pushing a config created with the PPPC tool to allow full disk acces...  View more

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Microsoft SSO Extension/AAD at logon screen?

There's this SSO plugin that offers platform-wide SSO on a Mac. It works great. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/develop/apple-sso-pluginBased on this blog from July, the extension should work for the login window starting wit...  View more

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Signed Configuration Profile Inspection

Automate the inspection of signed Configuration ProfilesBackgroundA manual, step-by-step process of using Terminal to make a timestamped, unsigned copy of a Configuration Profile was detailed as part of previous Sophos-specific post.A new post introd...  View more

Configuration Profile Inspection.png
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Cannot add printers with Jamf Admin app

Hey y'all,I can anyone add printers via the Jamf Admin-app on 10.42. I can click the menu-button, but no dialog shows up. If I rapidly click it several times I can see a dialog for a split second, but it disappears almost immediately.I see this on al...  View more

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Set Lock Screen/Screensaver Image

My executive leadership requested that we deploy a desktop picture to all computers, but they do not want it showing on the lock screen. I created a package for the image with Desktoppr and it works perfectly... Except that it changes the default loc...  View more

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Asterisk(s) * in the browser's window/tab title

I'm using the cloud-hosted version of Jamf Pro. Often (or always?), the page title shown in my browser's tab or window title ends with an asterisk *. Today the title ends with two asterisks **: It doesn't matter what page/part of Jamf Pro I'm using, ...  View more

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Classroom and EDU Profile not loading

When our Devices are wiped and setup for a new teacher the EDU Profile is not installing, thus Classroom will not show student devices online. I have had the profile installed on the device, but the moment we wipe the device the profile will not rein...  View more

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Touch ID macOS Ventura  Wireless KB

Mi Gente!!!I don't know where to post this as it's not a JAMF Product issue. However I wanted to share this with the community. Ever since I've I've upgraded to macOS Ventura. My  Wireless Touch ID KB does not work at all. Touch D won't work at log-...  View more

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Suppressing Ventura Upgrade

I'm looking for a way to properly suppress the Ventura upgrade, as it has started appearing for our end users. We currently have a config profile scoped to defer major updates by 90 days pushed to all users, but I've gotten reports that users are get...  View more

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Background Login Items - Ventura

Trying to set up a config profile for this new feature set. I have used Jamf's example and Apple's example as starting points, but the radio buttons for the items I have set to be managed are still able to be turned off and do not say they are manage...  View more

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MacOS Ventura Upgrade on Standard User Account

Hello All,On a Standard Account, when user tries to upgrade to MacOS Ventura it's asks to enter admin credentials.On the Same machine when it's asks for Monterey 12.6.1 Update, user can update it wit out any admin rights. Trying to find out what coul...  View more

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Ventura reporting as 13.0 instead of 13.0.0

Running 10.42, has any one else testing Ventura seen a device entry revert to using OS version 13.0 instead of 13.0.0? This occurs at some random point after the device has done a successful recon to report as 13.0.0. A subsequent recon or inventory ...  View more

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Sudo JAMF policy command on Ventura not supported

hi,the command: Sudo JAMF policy seems not to be supported on Ventura.Terminal says..This script support MacOS Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey only.Script exit code: 1Anybody else getting this issue? and if anything was changed...  View more

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I am patching known applications on our MacBook’s at the moment using Jamf Pro, is there a way to discover unknown applications without manually going through the list of installed apps on every single Mac. If a user installs a new application that I...  View more

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iCloud storage with Managed Apple IDs

I am just curious if anyone has figured out a workaround for the issue with adding additional storage to existing Managed Apple IDs. I feel like this new strong arm tactic of only making it possible if you use their business essentials platform is ri...  View more

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nomad doesnt sync AD password after update to Ventura

So i just update my mac to ventura, and the things is that i changed my AD password 1 day before. Now after updating to ventura, i can only login to my mac using my old password.is there a way to force nomad to check ad and sync the latest password?  View more

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