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Jamf Pro 10.40.0 Beta 2 is Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation!We are excited to announce that Jamf Pro 10.40 Beta 2 is available! Jamf Pro 10.40 includes new features and enhancements such as: a new deployment status tab for App Installers, major improvements in Healthcare patient workflows, m...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.39.1 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation,Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.39.1. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, please read the Jamf Pro 10.39.1 release notes here. Cloud Upgrade ScheduleYour Jamf Pro server, including any free sandb...  View more

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Force MDM Web Clip to open in Google Chrome?

I manage a Web Clip for a team of engineers who use a CMDB solution (ServiceNow) for checking industrial & scientific equipment in the field. They do this on iPads using Safari. The CMDB solution is a cloud-based web interface, no third-party apps ar...  View more

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Packaging AirServer Success?

Hello, New to AirServer. Anybody have tips on packaging it? Built .DMG with FUT and FEU checked, but asks for serial still. Thanks!  View more

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Mirror iPhone on Mac

I know with AirPlay you can mirror an iPhones display onto a OS X system, but we have Bonjour/mDNSResponder disabled. Is there a way to view an iPhone screen on a Mac another way? Preferably via a wired connection like thunderbolt? This would need to...  View more

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Unable to deploy Xerox printer mappings

Ever since we have been using Casper Suite 9.3 I have been unable to deploy new Xerox printer mappings. I was hoping upgrading to 9.6 would help but we just did that a couple of days ago and it did not. I can add printer mappings using Casper Admin w...  View more

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Screen Sharing Options

Casper Remote / Apple Remote Desktop / Screen Sharing I believe all of these options work off the VNC engine if I'm not mistaken. I do a lot of remote work and use RDP heavily on the Windows side. Is there a better solution that other Mac admins are ...  View more

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Remove Printer Sctip

Hi, I'm trying to deploy a script that will remove specific printers. The problem I'm running into is that not all of them are named the same. For example, we have Printer1_Ricoh and Printer1_Ricoh_Bob. I'm using lpadmin -x Printer1_Ricoh in the scri...  View more

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Provide installation rights to domain admin user

This is my first post and I'm new to Casper and binding to AD on OS X, so be gentle. The goal: 1. Allow AD users to log in to Mac2. Allow AD users to elevate to local Administrator privileges when needed3. Prevent AD users from logging in and running...  View more

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Java Managed Plugin Policy on Safari not sticking!

Hey everyone Happy Friday!!I am working on a script to set the com.apple.Safari.plist to allow the java applet to run in untrusted mode for our VPN to work. The script below works and the changes appear in the plist but then are quickly erased and re...  View more

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OS X Exchange Configuration Profile Issues

I have an interesting issue that I've been working through for awhile. First by myself and then with the help of the wonderful support team at JAMF. However, we're still stuck. The issue occurs when trying to push out a Configuration Profile for Exch...  View more

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Google Drive - Deployment

I'm wanting to deploy the Google Drive application to about 100 macbook pro's running 10.6.8. I created the before and after snapshot and turned it into a .pkg. It deploys but I have 2 things that I would like to try and work out. It asks for admin c...  View more

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Casper Imaging not able to partition drive

Has anyone else been having issues with Casper Imaging not being able to partition disk during the imaging process? I've had 3 MB-Airs early 2014 models which I've had to erase with DiskUtility before I could image. In some cases, we've had to turn o...  View more

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Help Deleting a File

Need to delete an application and then reinstall a newer version. Tried a script: #!/bin/bash rm -rf /Applications/PCClient.app It didn't work. Tried to execute it as a command. Issued it over Self Service and couldn't get it to work on my laptop. If...  View more

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Custom Application List

I'm currently trying to find a way to export a monthly report of specific applications and versions on a list of computers. Example: Software| Computer 1| Computer 2| Computer 3|Adobe Acrobat Pro| 10.1.8| 11.0.0| NA|Avid Media Composer|| NA...  View more

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Older updates just showing up in ASUS?

Anyone else seeing a ton of older updates showing up in ASUS (10.8/10.9/10.10 Server) as if they were released by Apple on the 3rd of this month? It looks like they are new updates for 10.5.8, 10.6.8, 10.7.5, Rosetta? This is VERY odd. Wheres our dam...  View more

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Before I go and re-image this machine

The other day I was looking at machines that haven't checked in for awhile. I found one machine that was having issues connecting to my JSS. I removed the machine from the JSS and tried re-enrolling and now I get: Downloading required CA Certificate(...  View more

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What are your methods for "imaging" new macs?

Hey JAMFNation!We are in our pilot phase for casper and I am wondering what method do you use to set up new macs out of the box? We are enrolled in DEP but it is not working at the moment. MY initial thought is that I would like to use casper imaging...  View more

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Script to remove failed commands

We are having some issues deploying apps to some of our devices and the reason is that there are some failed commands holding it up. I've noticed that on the devices the app does not appear on, once I clear the failed commands and do a blank push the...  View more

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19th March 2015 - Meet Up @ Thoughtworks London

On March 19th we will be having our second meet up. This time the good folks at ThoughtWorks London have not only offered us the use of their space, but are also supplying beverages & food. Schedule below: 18:30 - 19:00 Arrive & mingle19:00 - 19:20 B...  View more

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TimeMachine unmount assistant

Thought I'd share this for anyone that might be interested. I've rolled out 100 or so TimeMachine drives to users who leave them plugged into their Thunderbolt Displays for convenience. The problem quickly arose that no one was remembering to eject t...  View more

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Screen Sharing Software

I've got a workgroup that wants to share screens among each other. They were wanting to use GoToMeeting - yuck. Which got me to thinking, what are your favorite apps for accomplishing this between the end users?  View more

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