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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Running AnyConnect

So, I'm using Composer to watch for the install and set the vpn server for Cisco AnyConnect and create a package. I can then also deploy this out to clients and it installs ok. But whenever it goes to connect, AnyConnect wants admin credentials like ...  View more

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DHCP and DNS Best Practices

Hi, over the years, I have noticed many a problem with inconsistent DNS records for Non-Microsoft desktops in my environment. We do exclusively use Microsoft Active Directory. Some of the issues include:- Multiple A records for an IP- Missing or inco...  View more

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Casper Admin - Package Size

I noticed that in Casper Admin all of my packages show "n/a" for the package size. Is this normal? Our JSS is on a Windows server and we are running JSS 9.81.I'm looking for a way to get the a package size with API or some way through script.  View more

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Partially unlocking screen after login

I'm having an incredibly annoying issue crop up with an increasing number of my users based around logging in after the screensaver locks their computer. The computer logs in but when they hit the main GUI all of the applications appear to be in the ...  View more

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Activation Lock Bypass Code - not working

Errr eeeeeek! Institutionally owned and supervised iPad Air 1 running 9.2 iPad is about 4 months old, with AppleCare. Error message: Incorrect Apple ID or Password. Not sure what to do, it's an expensive paper weight, and the ultimate frisbee team is...  View more

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Screensaver policy issues in El Capitan

I'm wondering if anyone else is hitting this. I deployed the workaround to push com.apple.screensaver settings as a Custom Payload instead of using the JSS built-in screensaver settings that are bugged in 9.82. I confirmed that the Profile is pushed ...  View more

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AD Migration & Application Ownership rights

We are currently in the process of migrating our staff to AD from local accounts. I am using the script from here The issue that is coming up is that the local user loses rights to update applications and applications break as well and need to be rei...  View more

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Issues Loading/Unloading LaunchAgent

We have an in house application that runs via a LaunchAgent that we are looking to deploy. I've successfully packaged up the app along with the plist for the agent, and ensure permissions are correct on everything. The preinstall script is set to che...  View more

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jamfHelper for a reboot on policy installs

Hello, JAMFers. I am working on a couple policy pushes that require reboots. In order to not flip out my user base, I would like to have these reboots give the user the option to wait 60 minutes when they first get the policy applied . . . so they wo...  View more

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Devices not managed outside of network.

We have several iOS/OS X devices connected to our JSS. We're able to manage them inside of our corporate network but once the users take them home, we are unable to manage them, ie, send apps, update inventory, remote wipe. Our networking team is loo...  View more

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iPads no longer managed by JSS

This week I have encountered 2 ipads that seem to have lost the ability to connect to our WiFi, despite the correct profiles still being installed on the devices, as well as the devices being supervised by our school district. After typing in the pas...  View more

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iPad Deployment moving forward

I was hired into a position July of last year to manage our iPads in a school district. We use JAMF as our MDM. We are in an "upgrade" cycle this year, which means that we will be collecting old iPads from students and giving them new iPads. Having n...  View more

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Cannot change settings "require password after sleep...."

Hi All, I have this annoying problem. For some reason the option to change the setting for "Require password .... after sleep....." is greyed out. When I remove a configuration policy which only does some setting on the Login Window. (A Banner, force...  View more

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Disable Invert Colours

We have iMacs around our high school and the students are inverting the colours/Colors.Is there a simple way i can disable the key stroke commands to stop the inverting of the colours. or would it be better to run a script at start-up ( 8am) to make ...  View more

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Self enroll URL Mac OSX 'Disabled'

Hi, I am trying to enroll a Mac in to Casper via the enrollment URL however it is saying 'Disabled'. When I access the URL via Windows, IOS or Android it loads fine. Any ideas on what might be causing this?  View more

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Mouse/keyboard issues after sleep and wake up

Hi. I'm hoping someone has run into this issue before. We are seeing more MB Pro's have an issue with the mouse and keyboard not working after going to sleep and then waking up. At first I thought it was due to VM's running on Fusion or Parallels, bu...  View more

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Quickadd: The Installation Failed -- But still enrolls

We are seeing the installation failed message at the end of installing the quickadd package. The machine still gets enrolled even tho we get this message. We are on 9.82. Packages created by recon and user initiated enrollment. I started to notice th...  View more

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10.11 Composer User Environment Dock

I've noticed that when imaging 10.11 and deploying a FET/FUT dock captured in Composer, the other items on the right of the Apps, such as ~/Downloads seem to have a "prohibited" icon even though the user can still use access that folder from the dock...  View more

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MVM / Foundstone deployment and scanning functionality

I wanted to seek some assistance from anyone with experience running into deploying or allowing Foundstone to scan Macs across an enterprise network. This is something completely new to me and not sure how to properly set-up systems for this. Scripti...  View more

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OS X 10.11.3 Installers

I have created installers for OS X in the past on USB Thumb Drives and Volumes on External Drives. This has worked for Mavericks, Yosemite, and El Capitan version 10.11.2. I have used the "createinstallmedia" app located in /Contents/Resources/ and t...  View more

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