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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Removing Microsoft Office Templates

Does anyone have any experience (or possibly some insight) in removing Microsoft Office Templates? Our company uses custom-created templates that feature the company logo / letterhead. The marketing department realized that the templates were created...  View more

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jss 9.72 and El Capitan

I am trying to run recon (9.72) locally on a 10.11 mac mini. I launch the program, enter all of the requested information and click the enroll button and I am immediately hit with an error that is on the attached screen shot. Any thoughts on what I a...  View more

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Computer Lab Yosemite Issues

Hey All, We have recently setup a new computer lab of 20 Mac Pros Late 2013. At first everything was working fine. Then We started getting reports of the computers freezing at the Flurry screensaver. I started checking the Console logs and see that t...  View more

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Anyone else a slow runner?

Running in a group is more fun. Looking at the times on the leaderboard, there are "fast" people. I am not a member of the class of "fast" people and looking for a running buddy on the 5K.  View more

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9.81 Free App Distribution without Apple ID

I read through this thread and I'm still having issues. All I want to get working is having a new iPad enrolled with iOS 9 through DEP and let self service automatically download with no apple id needed. These iPads I'm working on are already setup t...  View more

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Blocking "Change Password" in Sys Prefs

I'm wondering if there is a way to either specifically block the "Change Password" button under Users & Groups in System Preferences. Or, to use a configuration profile to disable that Sys Pref pane for all users except the Admin account?  View more

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Mac & Developer Conference UK

Hi all, Just wanted to let you all know that this coming February, Amsys will be hosting the UK's first conference for Mac Admins, developers and business leaders, in London. Sponsored by JAMF Software, the conference will be held over 2 days, with g...  View more

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El Cap bypassing internal SUS

All of our managed clients are pointing to an internal SUS (that works great) however clicking the 'Free Upgrade' button on the El Capitan banner downloads the installer. It is not enabled in the SUS. Does an OS upgrade go straight to the Apple SUS o...  View more

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Chrome Web Helper

Hello, I have deployed a configuration profile to all of my MacBook Airs that restricts the launching of applications such as Terminal, Disk Utility, Boot Camp Assistant, Console, Keychain Access, Migration Assistant, and Messages. It also stops user...  View more

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Equivalent of AD Users and Computers app but on Mac OS X

Is there any equivalent application to Microsoft's AD Users and Computers but available for Mac OS X?Basically the only time given, my specific role, to access a Windows box or start-up a Windows VM is to unlock a users account on AD or to move/delet...  View more

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Autoupdate Java by shell

Hi all! inspired by the great @rtrouton , I adjusted his superb script on installing Java. I added a check to see if java has been installed or if a newer version is available, a bit like my Flash Update script, for which I borrowed heavily on other ...  View more

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Conflicting login hooks

We are getting an error installing Sony's XDCAM PDW-U1 driver software - basically it errors out because there's already an existing login hook. First, rhetorically, why the frack does this need a login hook. I'll have to install on a clean machine a...  View more

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Monitor mirroring

Hello, We have a class room of 25 new iMacs where the ceiling is quite low, and it's near impossible to fit a big screen because of the same of the room, the ceiling isn't heigh enough to get a projector or display above the 27" iMacs that block your...  View more

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Config Profiles best practices

I believe it's best to use a layer config profile, with as few settings as possible for each one, and then layer them on top of each other. Does that mean I should create a FULLY open profile where everything is allowed, and then layer on more restri...  View more

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El Cap and Adobe Temp Install Account

Hi JN, I thought I would get a jump on my testing/building an El-Cap image and environment. I downloaded the bits for 10.11 and went through the AutoDMG process and came up with a nice (reasonably) small 8GB DMG. I dropped it into Casper Admin, etc. ...  View more

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eBackpack App

What's up nation, We are using eBackpack for about half the county. Recently most users started having problems with the App freezing, crashing, etc. and then they started getting notifications that they needed to upgrade to the latest version and th...  View more

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JAMF v9.81 Binary & DeployStudio

Good afternoon, We utilize both the Casper Suite and DeployStudio for imaging our computers. After JAMF moved the binary to provide compatibility with OS X 10.11, we are finding that our previous working setup is now broken. Allow me to elaborate on ...  View more

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Script to run locally while not in SelfService?

So, I'm not sure this is possible, or i'm asking it right... I have 2 scripts that I want Users to be able to run. One resets the SSID's and the other resets Keychain.The scripts work fine over ARD, and show up in SelfService as expected, and work.Bu...  View more

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JDS and Server 5

Do not update to Server 5 if it hosts a JDS instance. The config for the web server on Server 5 has changed in a way that causes JDS to no longer install. Tell your friends.  View more

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Smart Group

I'm trying to create a smart group for grade levels based on usernames. Could someone point me in the right direction to wildcards or anything i'd need to do it? For example our class of 2018's usernames would be like 18MaSmith Thanks!  View more

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AppleID passwords for Shared iPads

One of our schools now has about 1200 iPads in carts carts with institutionally generated AppleIDs—one per device. They have one, monolithic VPP account between all iPads (shared K-2 and 1-to-1 high school), so when managed distribution came around, ...  View more

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Mount Soft Volume through CASPER

Hi all!I'm trying to mount volumes to all of my users automatically. (desktop and notebook)In Casper, at Configuration Profiles I have created a new one. Under Optionslogin items I just add the smb path that i wanna mount. This is working fine to all...  View more

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10% failure rate on DEP enrollment

I was at a school ipad handout event today where we saw about 10% of our iPads fail to enroll via DEP. The ipad serial numbers appear in the JSS pre-stage enrollment list. In the DEP portal, they are assigned to the server. We did use Configurator 2 ...  View more

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