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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Mac App Store Apps installing automatically

searched and couldn't find what anything to what im trying to do. We have "purchased" (free) apps on the app store that are used by random people in our org so there is no static group or anything for these computers. I have it set as Distro method =...  View more

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Forcing policy trigger from Applescript

Hello! I am trying to use a script with AppleScript-built UI selector to give user ability to trigger some policy from Self Service. I've tested this script locally in Pycharm CE and it's working pretty well. But when I'm trying to run it from a Self...  View more

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Temporary Restriction?

Right now I have many restrictions in place for the System Preferences. How would I create a Self Service item to allow temporary access to certain items? I see something similar for Admin access but I just need to temporary allow what is normally re...  View more

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dep notify self service restart rather than close silently

In working with @stevewood's excellent script I was able to get everything working, but some of the apps want a logout or reboot. I went to the Depnotify readme and plugged in the commands at the end of the script, but it seems to pop up right away w...  View more

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Self-Service packages failing?

Anyone else running into this issue? All of our self-service policies fail to download any packages, yet scripts still kick off no problem. Submitted a support case but wondering if anyone else had a similar issue.  View more

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Adobe updates via Adobe Application Updater

Hi there, My environment doesn't currently support the use of RemoteUpdateManager, so we're having to figure out another pay of pushing updates through to our users. We don't have named CC accounts either. I have managed to enable the built in Adobe ...  View more

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Updating Adobe CC apps

Hi all I'm trying to decide the best route with updating our Adobe suit applications, We are issued packages by a different company so we don't have access to the enterprise packager (and we don't use named CC accounts). Our users do not have admin r...  View more

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Big Sur - Self Service wont open

I know its early days with BS. But anyone who is able to test Self Service fails to open. I remember similar last year with Catalina and the workaround was to make full screen but that does not work this time Just putting it out there.  View more

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Catalina upgrade issues

We are attempting to create a policy in self service that performs an upgrade. We use the macOSUpgrade.sh. After downloading the needed files, we get a "We were unable to prepare your computer for macOS Catalina: error (see attached). Our machines ar...  View more

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Deploying Wireshark

Hi all,I'd like to have this available in Self Service. When I try it the way I have some applications set up, it just drops the DMG contents into the "/" directory. The DMG for Wireshark contains additional packages for ChmodBPF, so do I need to add...  View more

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macOS upgrade 10.15: Checksum Not Valid

Hi All, I am testing an upgrade to macOS 10.15 with the upgrade script from @Rosko :https://github.com/kc9wwh/macOSUpgrade I'm having the following issue. When running the policy (Script) it calls the download policy by a custom trigger. This works a...  View more

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Install Logitech Options

Hello Mac-Admins :) I would like to install the Logitech Options software via Self Service. But what Logitech offers us is a disaster. :/ Does anyone of you use the software? How did you provide them? The software packed via the composer and installe...  View more

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Self Service 10.21 hanging?

Anybody else seeing Self Service hanging, taking forever to finish, and lots of spinning? Since the upgrade to 10.21 Jamf Cloud, we have had several reports of Self Service acting weird when installing updates or executing policies from Self Service....  View more

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Homebrew Self-Service Install

Working on a Self-Service Homebrew option. Trying to find a way to run brew update, upgrade, and cleanup in the install script not as sudo. See script bellow. #!/bin/zsh # Install Apple Xcode CLT rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools xcode-selec...  View more

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Advice on making app deployment faster

So here is my situation, I am in Education with Covid-19 we have been doing our 'Summer Maintenance' early. However, I don't have the extra help I have enjoyed in the past (2 summer students) therefore I have been doing more work getting Computer Car...  View more

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How Do You Handle App Updates In Self Service?

Right now my method is to have Self Service open to the Updates tab. I have policies just for Updates that call the main policy for each app. Let's say it's an update to Atom. I scope the policy to a smart group called Atom Is Installed and Exclude t...  View more

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Upgrade to OSX Mojave | Self service

Hi JamfNation.I am upgrading macOSX to Mojave from Self Service click with 2 consecutive policies,But somehow the os is upgrading to Mojave fine but i am not getting any logs. all the targets are showing as 'pending'.Here are the policy details: ~Pol...  View more

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Self-Service not available if date and time is wrong

Hello, I'm attempting to solve the problem of non-admins not being able to reset their date and time. I have a script that I've published to self-service that will reset the time for them, and I chose the option to make it available even if self-serv...  View more

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