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Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta is now available!

Hello Jamf Nation! The Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta Release features a number of exciting improvements and enhancements for managing your Apple devices. Starting with 11.8.0, Jamf Pro admins will be able to set a minimum OS for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads t...  View more

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Apple IDs for C Level Employees

Just started a new job as a Apple/Mac Systems Administrator. I have some iPhones for our C level staff and I’m trying to figure out what is the best thing to do when it comes to setting up an Apple IDs. We plan to use JAMF for our Macs in the future ...  View more

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Recon for Jamf

Hello, everyone!I have one question, what need that using Recon for create QuickAdd.pkg ? How i understand need install local JSS? Or Recon is included with Jamf Pro ?Thank you  View more

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FileVault and local admin account woes

Hi Jamfnationees I just recently enabled FileVault 2 for mobile Macs in my environment, I have experienced some issues that I'm hoping the good folks here on Jamf nation can help me with. When Macs are setup they get a local admin account that is sup...  View more

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NetBoot (Jamf vs Quest KACE)

Our NetSUS won't boot across subnets, but our QUEST KACE 2000 does. Both appliances are on the same subnet. I've tried to convince our network admins to move our JSS VM to another subnet to prevent any conflicts, but they believe KACE has some config...  View more

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Transferring VPP from Airwatch to Jamf

We are currently trying to figure out how to phase the migration from Airwatch to Jamf. The biggest hurdle we think is the VPP token that needs to move from Airwatch to Jamf. However, In the new Apple Business portal, organizations can create additio...  View more

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Finding JSS Users From A Document

We are changing our licensing for Adobe. We have list (csv file) of just full names from our accounting dept that we need to install CC18 on and remove others who are not on the list. The problem is that this list contains JSS users and non-JSS users...  View more

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NetSUS - Multi-geographical setup

Hey everyone, Long story short, I need to set up a way to manage/control Apple updates in my organization. So, after some research on available options for managing Apple updates, I've decided to stick with the Jamf NetSUS running as an appliance and...  View more

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Installer App for macOS High Sierra (10.13.6)

Has anyone else noticed that the newest version of Install macOS High Sierra.app for 10.13.6 that is downloaded from the App Store is only 22.7MB and is missing the OS disk image? I make it a habit of creating an external bootable installer for each ...  View more

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EndNote X8 w/ Cite While You Write deployment

Goal: deploy EndNote X8 so that End Users can open Word and the Cite While You Write plug-in will already be configured without needing to do anything. I've used Composer a few different ways, and the outcome seems to always be the same: Application ...  View more

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Active Directory?

I am new to JamF. Is it possible to integrate policies from AD when a Mac is on a windows domain with JamF? My goal is to push out a users personal cisco certificate (Cisco Any Connect) that is assigned to their AD account. Ty!!  View more

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macOS 12.7.5?? Issue during DEP enrollment.

I was preparing a new iMac yesterday by going through Internet Recovery so it should be at 10.13.5I had to do this even though it was new because we had used it to test the process first.So, this morning, I turned it on to complete the DEP enrollment...  View more

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Set Screensaver using a script

Hi all, I'm aware similar posts have been made before but none seemed to work for the way I wanted to do this so hopefully I can help out some others too. A while back I was tasked with setting our corporate screensaver on all of our Mac's, when firs...  View more

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Cocoa Dialog Help

Hi all I'm having a few issues trying to get a Cocoa Dialog script to work. I'm basically asking for a few variables which a then want it to set the computername based on these variables but its failing. Can anyone see where i'm going wrong? !/bin/sh...  View more

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DEP enrollment hanging

When I add a Mac to the DEP and configure it over wifi, the Remote Management screen will appear for around 10 seconds and then start installing the enrollment policies. However, if I use the ethernet to configure the Mac it takes a lot longer to get...  View more

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VPP behavior for macOS

I'm not sure how the VPP content assignment should work for macOS. On the iOS side, when the device is no longer in scope, app is removed immediately from the device. However, on the macOS VPP contents stays on the computer even after it's no longer ...  View more

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Self Service & Network

We use a Network Segment to direct users laptops to the local distribution server while they are on the school network. When away from school they should be directed to the JAMF Distribution Server. This works for users while at school but fails when...  View more

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Unable to Wipe a Computer that is managed

I am attempting to wipe a MacBook Air to prepare it for a new employee. I have sent the wipe command but the computer doesn't recognize it. I don't have a password to get into the computer, but I need to wipe it. The computer is managed through Jamf ...  View more

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Jamf Test Environment (Restoring from Backup)

Hi, we're working on setting up a Jamf test environment that'll mirror our production server. We have the new sever set up with a fresh install of Windows Server and have completed the first steps to install java/mySQL, etc. If we're doing a restore ...  View more

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