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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Grouping lost mode IOS devices

We have numerous lost iPads and were wondering if there is a way to create a smart group or any sort of grouping to monitor them while they are in lost mode. For example we keep checking one of our iPads and it is set to pending still... indicating t...  View more

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Remove Sophos Endpoint.app - Keeps reinstalling

Hi, A little while ago I noticed the Remove Sophos Endpoint.app had appeared on my Mac. After checking other machines I can see it's installed on everything. Not cool. I ran a script to remove it from all the Macs and manually deleted it from mine. H...  View more

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Scope policy to multiple Macs based on status of one Mac

Hi all, Is there any way to enable and disable a policy for a group of Macs but have that based upon the status of just one Mac ? If the one Mac has any Apple updates available then the policy for the group of Macs is disabled/not scoped to them or I...  View more

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Network Printer Query

We are currently deploying printers via an SMB queue (mostly used by our Windows users), it is a "follow-me" set up so users require credentials to print. A very common issue at the moment is that when a user installs the printer via self service, th...  View more

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Remote Management Message On Lock Screen

Has anyone else encountered this yet and has a fix or work around? On the lock screen of an iOS 11 device (that is managed and supervised) a box appears at the bottom that says "This device is managed remotely. You can leave remote management in Sett...  View more

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Customize screen sharing request notification

Hello everybody, I would like to know if is possible to customize screen sharing request notification when using Casper remote .Of course, the setting "Screen Share with Remote Computers Without Asking." is unchecked. I would like to have message in ...  View more

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Server architecture for Jamf

Hey! We are awaiting our Jumpstart and are looking over how we will setup our Jamf servers. I wanted to check and see if there is any common setup that works well in practise. I know mileage can vary but I am curious to see how others have their back...  View more

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Self Service Update to macOS Sierra failing

So I'm playing a bit of catch up, we have about half of our users on Sierra so far. I've been testing with the following script to have users update via self service: https://github.com/kc9wwh/macOSUpgrade/blob/master/macOSUpgrade.sh . The first run ...  View more

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Anyone successfully using 10.13 on an ESXi host?

We're using esxi 6.0 update3a(released Sept '17) on a Macpro. 10.13 and it do not seem to get along. Booting from install-able media, disk utility won't see the virtual hard drives. Running an upgrade gets you to the 10.13(I assume) login screen once...  View more

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JNUC 2017 Community Notes

We're throwing together another community note-taking endeavor. Feel free to bookmark this page prior to day one of the JNUC:JNUC 2017 notes on Google Drive Edit permissions will be opened up on Monday the 23rd and will close Monday the 30th. I'm sti...  View more

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Migration to Office 365

We're migrating from one hosted email provider to Office 365. I'm wondering if there's a way to automate the change of Outlook 2011 server settings via a login hook? I've attempted this, but every time it launches at login, it kills Outlook and I can...  View more

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FileVault 2 Config Profile

Hi Jamf Nation, We are working on completing our imaging process using Jamf. Part of the process is to push a Config Profile which enables FileVault 2. We have a separate one set up for the escrow of the recovery key. What we are having trouble with ...  View more

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JNUC 2017 How to: Build Extension Attributes

Video Presentation Description Ideal for Commercial and Education audiences. Making Jamf Pro extensible by allowing you to look at settings on a device is one of the most powerful (and sometimes easiest) things you can do. In this session, we will wa...  View more

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Password reset dialog after waking from sleep

Within the past week I have a handful of users that are being prompted to reset their passwords at the login window when waking from sleep. The passwords are LDAP-based. PWs have been recently changed, so not expired.This ONLY happens when the machin...  View more

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Flash Player update crashes vSphere

I recently discovered that the Flash update crashes every time I access vSphere's web interface. This is acknowledged in this article. Please beware if you are in a vSphere environment. I had to downgrade Flash to the previous version in o...  View more

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Deploying SCEP in High Sierra

Hi all, Has anyone deploying System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP ) on High Sierra? Apparently is has a kernel extension that needs to be approved after installation (https://uit.stanford.edu/service/helpdesk/highsierra). I was thinking using Comp...  View more

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Always On - Display

Hi All Hope everyone is Good and if anyone can help with a few ideas. I setup a iMac solely to display status on pipeline builds within jenkins. So all the iMac is doing is a web page to a webpage. I can set the screensaver to "Never" so it never tur...  View more

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FV Recovery Key Redirection 10.13

Hi there, We make use of the script written by Sam Fortuna to redirect invalid or missing personal keys into the JSS. We get a few instances of this each month, usually coinciding with AD password resets. In testing 10.13 on my machine I've noticed t...  View more

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AutoCasper imaging and High Sierra

Is anyone else having issues with building sets off of High Sierra? The image build completes from auto dmg, and also completes from autocasper nbi, I move my netboot set around. Built my 10.13 config in Casper Admin. After imaging completes, not a s...  View more

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service accounts and Okta-enabled JSS

I've got our JSS configured to authenticate users against Okta but, before I throw the switch, I'm wondering how to handle non-user accounts. For example, how will this affect the 'enroll' account? I also have a login set up for use with a few script...  View more

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macOS update policy.

EDIT - I had the policy set to not run between certain hours. All is good. I have a policy setup that should force a Mac to update via Apple Update Servers but I cannot get the policy to trigger. My test machines say the policy is applied however it ...  View more

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iOS 11 key flicks

Can i disable iOS 11 keyboard "Key Flicks" with restrictions in a JSS configuration profile? (or somewhere else, for that matter). I'm not seeing that option and would like very much to be able to control it.  View more

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