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Waiting Room package goes bye bye??

We have a policy that first "Caches" a 5GB package, then runs recon, and then becomes in scope for the "Install cached" Self Service policy. A funny thing happened. The 5GB package completed download to /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Downloads fol...  View more

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Automating Disabling App Nap for Specific Apps

I'm trying to disable App Nap for one specific app on all of my clients. I tried using defaults and plistbuddy to accomplish this but couldn't figure out how to format things correctly or how to generate the hex value that is entered in the data port...  View more

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NetSUS and NBI creation with Sierra

Hello All! I am quite new to JAMF Nation as my organization has just signed up for Casper. I am trying to figure my way through establishing a Netboot/Netsus server and I am running into some issues in an attempt to create a netboot image (.nbi) to e...  View more

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Scoping Policies Question

Is there a way to scope policies so that the policy is available to specific computers and specific LDAP users groups? For instance, I want to setup Self-Service to be available on all Faculty machines, but then an LDAP user from our IT group can run...  View more

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Weird printer policy error

I have one computer that is giving me the following message when trying to run a printer policy: [STEP 1 of 4]Executing Policy Xerox Centralized Print Queue[STEP 2 of 4]Mapping Printer Xerox Centralized Printing...CUPS error 1030: No such file or dir...  View more

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Pre-Stage Enrollment and DEP

Hi Folks, With our DEP up and running, I am trying to find a new work flow with DEP and pre-stage enrollments. What I have is our pre-stage enrollment working fine, but I am missing a step, post flight script or something else. When the computer is b...  View more

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Hi everyone... single little problem with the process of getting a JSS in a DMZ... So far, my internal server (jss1) is up and running since a couple of years no problem. Added another JSS (jss2) in a dmz. jss2 is connected to my internet database no...  View more

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Browser add on apps, and issues with VPN Services

Good morning,I have racked my brain trying to figure this out. I have effectively restricted about 100 different pieces of software that are not part of our typical deployment for our students. Since all torrents and most vpn clients have been killed...  View more

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Lastest Adobe Reader DC won't install on Sierra

When I try to push the latest Adobe Reader DC (15.020.20039) to our computers on macOS Sierra, I get the following message: The computer does not meet the OS Requirements for the package Adobe Acrobat Reader DC-15.020.20039.pkg. However, if I pull th...  View more

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Recommended method(s) for software updates?

I'm curious how everyone is doing their software updates for the following types of software... Mac operating systemMac App Store softwareOther software(Adobe software, Firefox, Google Chrome, Office, etc) The end user experience is what I'm mostly f...  View more

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"The Installation Failed"

Hi All, I have a .PKG file that was extracted from a .DMG. I imported the .PKG into Composer, converted to source, made no changes (just to test), selected the Source file, clicked "Build as a .PKG". File seemed to build ok. When I install the new .P...  View more

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Restore Built-in iOS Apps when using Managed apple IDs

Hi All,We have one grade level using "Managed Apple IDs" from ASM, which by design do not work in App Store.Some of these students have managed to delete (or hide) built-in IOS apps: iBooks is a good example.The direction to get these back is to re-d...  View more

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Managing donated iPads

We have a few iPads that were donated to our school district. As you expect, since they were not purchased by the school district under our Apple Customer Number, we can't enroll them to Apple DEP. Is it still possible to manage them in JAMF with the...  View more

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How to restart the global protect VPN agent.

So we use the Global Protect client for our vpn. One of the issues we have with this is that the thing seems to loose the ability to reconnect after being constantly suspended or put to sleep by our laptop users. Its not enough to kill the process to...  View more

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Can I make logging for JSSAccess.log more verbose?

I try to implement SSO for our SelfService, but I am stuck somewhere. The IdP sends the correct information (according to our server logs), but the user gets an 'Access Denied' message. In the JSSAccess.log I find username=firstname.lastname@this.pla...  View more

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Box Sync running script

I need a script to check that Box Sync is running in the background. I have tried adding a few as extension attributes but they don't seem to work. I just need a report to see if the process is actually running or not. Any ideas?  View more

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Slow login connected to domain

We have machines that are bound to our AD domain. If a user locks the screen and then tries to log back into the machine there is a 20-35 second delay.These machines are on 10.11.6.We have been scratching our heads on this one, and have not been able...  View more

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Problems Upgrading to MacOS Sierra

Hello Everyone, I'm having some trouble with our MacOS upgrade. I have my users installing a cached installer from Self Service, but when the machine restarts, it keeps restarting like normal and will not boot into the installation. The odd thing is,...  View more

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