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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Forcing Logout to kick off FileVault 2 in year 2018

I need a way to force logout the user after FileVault2 has been enabled. I see some old post from 2014, but nothing new. Any ideas how to force log out the user which would be the local admin account once FileVault 2 has been kicked off. I tried this...  View more

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Smart Group for User Initiated Enrolment?

Is there any way to detect if a computer was enrolled through User Initiated Enrolment? JAMF Pro Cloud 10.610.13.4 Clients the only way I can think of is to use exclusions for other enrolment methods i.e DEP but I am very reluctant to use Exclusions.  View more

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Uploading Mobileconfig Profile

Hello. I have a custom mobileconfig profile that will not upload, for some strange reason, it hangs out here indefinitely. Anyone ever seen this before, or have any idea of what I can check to push it through? Thanks in advance Jamf community.  View more

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Jamf 400 - Tips and Tricks ?

Hi, In the second week of october i am going to attend Jamf 400 in Amsterdam, just curious if there are any tips n tricks i can already practice on :) Cheers,Thijs Xhaflaire!  View more

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Time since local account password change

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to create an attribute (or another method) in JAMF to find out how long it's been since a password change for all users. I found a way to get the epoch time for the current user, but I want to do it for all users so...  View more

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Script check to see if configuration profile is installed

Hello, I want to check to see if a configuration profile has come down and been installed before I proceed with a script in self service. I know I can list the configuration profiles using the "profiles" command but I'm not sure how to check if a pro...  View more

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Microsoft Autoupdate Buggy

Anyone else having issues with the Microsoft Autoupdate not working correctly. Currently the app says I have five apps that need updating to 16.17.18090901.The command line tool (which uses the app) says I only have four apps that need updating.I run...  View more

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Self Service

How do you make apps available to all Macs all the time? We have separate policies to install applications based off smart groups. What I would like is to allow users to reinstall these apps at their leisure. We have Self service enabled and for each...  View more

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Composer: APFS & HFS

Either Im really slow to catch on, or missed the memo. Using current version 10.6.2 of Composer I discovered that it will now ask which filesystem do you want to create a DMG / PKG on APFS/HFS. Silly me, wasn't paying attention to the Filesystems I w...  View more

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Best way to assign user to iPad after enrollment.

I've been using the require credentials during prestage enrollment to capture which users are assigned to my ipads but i need to disable this feature. I still would like the users assigned to the device but I need it done after the device is put back...  View more

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Problems when aplying policies - Login Users

Hi Everyone,When we apply the policies in the MACs, We are having some issue because users are not able to change the session to another, when somebody has logged in in the machine and another person need to log in, there is no option whice let chang...  View more

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API call to update user location info

I have a script that will do the following: Create a local account based on admin pop-up box and rename the mac to this username-last4ofserial#. The account that is created is in LDAP format and is the user that I would assign in JAMF console in the ...  View more

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Script Help for a newby

I'm trying to pull the asset tag info from the JSS API and apply that to the Computer Info Field 1 on the device. I'm still learning scripting, and need help with my syntax. This is what I have so far... #!/bin/bash #Pull Asset Tag from the device as...  View more

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Mac user-initiated enrollment "null" screen

During user-initiated enrollment, Mac users hit the "...you need to install the MDM profile for your organization" screen. When they click Continue, the site chugs for about 5-10 seconds and just goes to a screen that says "null" with an indeterminat...  View more

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FontDoctor 10 serialization for all users

Hello and good day, is there anyone out there who has succesfully deployed & serialized Extensis FontDoctor 10 for macOS? We have a lab of 40 computers that all have n amount of users. The problem is that FontDoctor asks for a serial number for each ...  View more

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Automatically trusting certificates WITHOUT prompts?

Hello all, At my workplace we have changed out wifi authentication, it now requires a certificate before allowing someone to connect, this has broken my login screen wifi profile, that now no longer provides wifi connection at the login screen for au...  View more

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Jamf position in the Bay Area

Hello, We just opened up a position and are looking for a full time Jamf integrator. Ideally someone who is at least Jamf 300 certified, or could obtain the 300 quickly. The position is located in San Mateo, Ca. Please send me a message and resume if...  View more

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Jamf Certified Associate Exam - Now Available Online

Hello Jamf Nation,I’m happy to announce that the Jamf Certified Associate exam is now available online. This exam is based on the Jamf 100 Course. Along with the launch of the exam we’ve implemented a new system for online content as well as a new us...  View more

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Apps staying grayed out

Hello all, Im am currently 18 days into a support ticket that doesn't seem to be getting anywhere and I was wondering if anyone has come across (and conquered) this same issue? All of the iPad apps district wide are grayed out. They show up on the de...  View more

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Maintain mobile app categories closed

Does anyone know of a way to force Jamf Pro to keep the mobile app categories list "minimized" or closed? When I go back to the list after opening an app to adjust properties/scope, every category list reopens, even if I have previously closed it. Th...  View more

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VPP Installs from SS

Hey Team, Running into a strange issue. For some reason I'm able to scope our VPP assignments to machines. But from the Self Service -- when you run the install it just stalls. When you run the install again, it fails. Once I restart the machine and ...  View more

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Sending an email via script

This is something i've never tried to do before so i'm not quite sure of the process. I want to run a script and have it send an email at the end letting me know that it completed (repo_sync results from reposado). I've seen some mention of sendmail,...  View more

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Customizing Cert Requests

I am hoping someone has come across the same scenario or can point me in the right direction. We are using SCEP to manage and deploy device certs to our Mac clients. That process is working great; however, we have a need to customize how the MAC addr...  View more

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Filevault Recovery Redirection

If the Mac Filevault is already been enabled by a third party application for example: McAfee. Is it possible to redirect the recovery key on JAMF using the FileVault Recovery Key Redirection policy?  View more

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