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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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NoMAD local password change problem

Hi nation, I'm currently using NoMAD in my Jamf environment, but it the local password sync doesn't seem to be doing its job. When the password has been changed, I would assume that NoMAD at the least would prompt for a password change after a reboot...  View more

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NAC and profiles for MacOS

I mostly have the NAC setup. It works excpet that that it prompts the user for the correct certificate to pick. See attached. screen shot. Is there something i am missing to get this setup with? If i pick the computer certificate it works fine, until...  View more

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T2 and encryption

One of the things that worried me is data recovery from the Macs with the T2. I saw an article that apple removed the port on the motherboard that allowed them to hook up and recovery data in the stores which only made it seem more unrealistic to be ...  View more

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Push Package Based On Username/Package Name

We have to push a personalized package to every user's computer. Currently we're creating the package then creating a policy for each user. This ends up with hundreds of policies. Is there a way to create a package name based on the username of the c...  View more

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DEP Enrolment, NoMAD Login + and MDM Capable Users

Hello, We are currently experiencing issues with our PreStage Enrolment where a user is not added to MDM Capable Users, hence VPP apps fail to install. Following is our setup: Prestage Enrolment: General Account Settings- A management account is crea...  View more

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Some AD binding questions

Hello, New to Jamf and I am tryin to wrap my head around a lot of things very fast haha. unfortunately faster than I am able to schedule my 200-400 admin classes. I hve done some searching but im not finding exactly what im looking for. First off, ye...  View more

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Restricting access the JSS WebApp

We've been adding the following to the web.xml to restrict access to the JSS WebApp Custom-RemoteAddrFilter org.apache.catalina.filters.RemoteAddrFilter allow "REGEX_IP_VALUES" denyStatus 404 Custom-RemoteAddrFilter PresentationLayerServlet F...  View more

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asset management

Excuse me if this is easy and obvious I'm just starting to use jamf to manage my inventory of ipads. They are owned by a school and are loaned out for various jobs, teaching in different departments, exams, conferences ect. Ideally I'd like to hand o...  View more

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Preapprove Macs before Enrolment to Jamf

I doubt this is possible, but will ask it anyways. Does anyone know if it is possible to have a pre-approval / register of devices that are allowed to be enrolled to Jamf?DEP is of course providing this, but I am talking about devices outside DEP tha...  View more

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Make Guest user account remember network share

Morning! (if it is morning where you are. I am using "sudo cp -r /Users/Guest/ /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/" to saved a user template that will populate the guest user account every time it is created. However, I haven't been yet able...  View more

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2018 MacBook Pros and imaging

So we can no longer use the macOS installer on an external HD with the 2018 MBPs? I take it the T2 chip prevents this? How do we manage our macOS now? Third party software isn’t going to support the latest macOS right away.  View more

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Google install script and version checking

Need a bit of help. found a script here that installs google that works great and downloads the current version. We have a problem where some systems have legacy data from older version of Google, (this legacy data has them showing up in a vulnerabil...  View more

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Setting default Outlook 2016 Signatures

Hello all, I did some research into scripting, specifically the Outlook dictionary, when I was first developing the signature and how to create it. That is now working great and we are able to deploy a solution that removes any old signatures and add...  View more

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AD CS Connector error

When trying to deploy a PKI certificate we get this in the server logs: We don't want to return an X509 Cert from a PKCS12 data blob Anyone see this before? we are jamf hosted.  View more

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Extension Attribute - Outlook 2016 - On My Computer

I'm trying to find out which of our users have been keeping old content under "On My Computer" within Outlook. There were some problems years before that forced people to use it for sometime for old e-mails and some people have continued to use it. I...  View more

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Auto reboot after file vault deploys

Good afternoon everyone. I just set up our computer in the Apple DEP program. Through trial and error I finally got it working. We want to be able to have users pick up their computer from a store and have the setup automated. Right now I have to man...  View more

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Prestage enrollment configs

Good morning everyone, hope all is well. I just setup prestage enrollment for our computers here. I'm having a couple of issues. During setup, i'm prompted to enter the MDM password. When I do that, it pre populates that exact username and password f...  View more

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company portal on managed iPads

Our company has decided to start rolling out iPads to users but to get email access (Office365) they need to enroll with Company Portal (InTune).BUTYou cant have 2 MDM profiles on the same device InTune enrollment just fails and says the device is al...  View more

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