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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Adding certificates from Internal PKI

Hi Guys, We've just had a new Internal PKI service set up by our Security team and we're now starting to see certificates being generated to secure a number of our internal services. These new certs will soon start to roll out to our Mac fleet and we...  View more

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Issue with TouchID on new MacBook Pros

Hi fellow Mac admins, I have an issue with enabling Touch ID on new MacBook Pro devices. I have a configuration profile allowing the use of Touch ID to unlock the device, however users can't do precisely that. The check box quickly becomes checked an...  View more

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Message on login window after policy finish installing

Hello There, I hope this discussion found everyone well.I would to create a message for the our users / support staff to see after the policy finish installing in login window. I created a message that can be seeing while user logged in but not if no...  View more

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Jamf Pro; Upgrade methods for Mojave.

Hi All, Lets share idea's about how to upgrade to macOS Mojave via; Self Service App Store Others Also an idea to share idea's an how to upgrade from 10.14.1 to 10.14.2 due the new Software Update pane in Sysprefs. Cheers.  View more

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Enable remote management (full control) in Mojave??

So... Prepare your institution for iOS 12 or macOS Mojave[https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209028](link URL) "For increased security, using the kickstart command to enable remote management on a Mac will only allow you to observe it when sharing its...  View more

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Single App mode + App with push notifications

I have an app that uses push notifications - enterprise signed. Sample deployment history via JAMF: v 2 - no push notificationsv 2.1 - no push notifications, app installed over old versionv 2.2 - added (firebase) push notifications, app had to be del...  View more

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Active Directory Connect/Disconnect

I've been fighting AD for a while here and hope someone might be able to provide a bit of assistance. As I have dug through all of the documentation on here about AD binding, I have changed my scripting multiple times to try to enhance the connection...  View more

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Confused about Secure Token (High Sierra)

Let me start of by saying I've read Rich Trouton's great article on secure tokens, and I thought I understood how it worked: the first account set up through Setup Assistant gets a token, and it can then give tokens to other accounts using a syadminc...  View more

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2018 MacBook Pro - AD Screen Saver unlock failing

I have witnessed this a few times, for some reason the screensaver unlock will not accept the user's password to unlock the screen. These are AD bound machines, brand new(not that it matters), but it seems to only be happening on computers that were ...  View more

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Automatically make Mobile Accounts Admins

Hello all! I'm looking to set Mobile Accounts to be administrators from the get go, before they've even been created. As default Mobile Accounts are set to standard, i'd like created mobile accounts to obtain administrator capabilities as default (if...  View more

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[Off Topic] TB3 data transfer from 2016 MBP and 2018 MBP

I've got a 13" and 15" 2018 MBP in, and I was testing data transfers from a 2016 to a 2018 via my belkin TB3 cable that I've been using since the TB3 Macs came out. I target boot the 2016 mbp and plug in the cable to the 2018 that's signed in with th...  View more

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Technical documents search

When I try to search the Technical Documents here on JN, all the results that are returned are in Chinese or some other Asian format. Anyone else having this problem? ~Scott  View more

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Touch/Face ID and healthcare/HIPAA

This is more of a "putting out feelers" sort of question, but does anyone in healthcare with HIPAA restrictions have any insights on use cases for or against Face ID and Touch ID? We disable biometrics on iPads and Macs as a blanket measure because i...  View more

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What's New on Jamf Nation - August 2018

Hello Jamf Nation! I have just a few items to share this month. Jamf Nation – New Features and Improvements Search Modifier –You can now exclude terms from your search results by putting a ‘-‘ symbol in front of the word you wish to omit from search ...  View more

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Apple DEP & Software For Separate Departments

Hey good morning guys. Hope you all are doing well today. I have a question about apple DEP and Jamf capabilities. We want to have software issued to separate departments here. For example, engineering has homebrew,docker,virtual box etc. This softwa...  View more

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Issues with AD suddenly not allowing user login...

We recently started to see intermittent issues with macOS devices that are bound to our campus AD and working suddenly stop allowing users to login. If we login with a local account we find that directory lookups to the AD all fail. In about 30% of t...  View more

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LDAP Building field not populating

Id like to setup Smart Groups for Users which we pull in through LDAP. I want to group those on the 'Building' (LDAP Mapping) or 'Office' value from our Active Directory. I currently have the Building user mapping as physicalDeliveryOfficeName which ...  View more

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Disabling Netowork/Wifi Options in the Menu Bar

I'm trying to mass deploy a change that will disable the Wifi/Network Settings in the top menu bar. I've been reading around, tried a few different plist setups, but haven't been successful getting it to happen. I've got a config profile that was abl...  View more

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Comparison of Mac Management software

Hello guys, I want to share the comparison I made for Jamf Pro and some various other Mac Management solutions, like Parallels, Airwatch and Centrify, in terms of features they provide and support.This comparison served us to highlight the benefits o...  View more

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Script to set Department not running on Enrollment

I have a script that prompts a tech to set the department of a computer: #!/bin/sh ## Establish API Credentials # https://github.com/jamfit/Encrypted-Script-Parameters function DecryptString() { # Usage: ~$ DecryptString "Encrypted String" "Salt" "Pa...  View more

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Jamf migration to new server

Having some issues on a migrated jamf development server. I followed jamf's instructions sent to be by support (https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/articles/122/migrating-to-another-server) on migrating existing Jamf server to another server. We setup a...  View more

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Bricked iMac!?

Not really JAMF related... but... after starting a policy to upgrade to High Sierra I never regained control of the machine. When I get on sight to check it out I notice the boot progress bar is stuck stuck at around 90%. Try reboot from Recovery and...  View more

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