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Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation! Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta is now released Now with Dark Mode!! There are also many new features and fixes, please view the release notes for further information. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at...  View more

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Peer Review / Version control for PKGs and DMGs?

Hey gang, Our enterprise is fairly familiar with Version Control workflows for flat files, such as Scripts and EA's, using tools like GitHub or Bitbucket. We have a strong emphasis on peer review prior to putting code into production. We'd like to ex...  View more

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Issue with Restart Following Software Update

Good morning, all! Happy 10.13.4 day :) I have a two-part Jamf Pro workflow which leverages @therealmacjeezy's wonderful script found here and then runs a custom Jamf Helper window with built-in deferrals. In @therealmacjeezy's script, if a restart i...  View more

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Adobe apps on iOS - multiple users

I am about to deploy ~ 15 iPad mini's to our Digital Media department. They have requested various Adobe apps which require a login with an Adobe ID. I'm sure they will be used by various students. Is there a best practice to handle insuring users lo...  View more

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Cylance and 10.13.4

Hi There, We have computers in our environment that have Cylance installed prior to 10.13.2 when the requirement to consent via System Preferences was Required Currently all computers get Cylance Protect upon enrollment. If a computer is fresh out of...  View more

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Reminder Popup Banner options

Hey all,I have been looking for a method that can harness JAMF Pro to display a popup window of sorts. We have some students who are graduating, they need reminders of this pending day on items like: Laptop pre-inspections, laptop collections, marchi...  View more

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New Pages (iWorks) update and Printing

Greetings,Question, has anyone else found that Apple moved the "Job Log" feature in the new iWorks update? Background, our district uses Ricoh copiers for printing. We use individual FOBs at the Ricoh to manage print jobs. To accomplish this, we set ...  View more

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iOS update delay

When can we expect to see the ‘enforcedSoftwareUpdateDelay’ key within the Restrictions Payload? This was introduced in the new 11.3 iOS. Thank you.  View more

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Summary of macOS 10.13.4 information and links

About the macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Update (build 17E199) Apple Security Updates About the security content of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (build 17E199), Security Update 2018-002 Sierra (build 16G1314), and Security Update 2018-002 El Capitan (build 1...  View more

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Self Service on Dock

Good afternoon, After we install the JAMF package on a Mac, it installs the Self Service App in Applications. We want to show the Self Service App in the dock everytime a user logs in. Basically, we created a policy that would show the dock at the en...  View more

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New to DEP, MDM, Need Some Guidance

I'm a partner at a small software development company. We've got 23 employees and 30ish MacOS machines. I've been searching for a better way to handle OS updates than walking around and making sure all updates are installed. I'd prefer not to turn on...  View more

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Jamf Pro SCCM Plugin

Hello, just a quick simple question, hopefully someone can answer. Is the Jamf Pro SCCM Plug-in still in development? Is it still supported and can it still be used with the latest version of JAMF Pro? Many Thanks  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.4 Beta Now Available!

The new Jamf Pro 10.4 beta continues to add features and functionality to support Apple’s spring release and enhance existing workflows. Additional features include the ability to suppress the Quick Start proximity setup after erasing a device, the a...  View more

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Outlook 2016 Corrupting Attachements

We have a user who randomly will have what appears to be their Outlook 2016 corrupting attachments, mostly PDF's but also other document types. Other people on the original email not on Mac's are able to open the attachments and if they forward the e...  View more

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Using extension attributes values in a policy script

I need to run a once-per-day script on each computer which requires a manually-set value for each computer which currently lives in the extension attributes for the computer. Is this the best way to keep computer-specific values in the JSS? How do I ...  View more

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Steps when you install Jamf from QuickAdd

Odd question, but I am trying to determine the process of how jamf installs in our specific case. So we can deploy a QucikAdd package and everything goes through fine. For us, we use AD Groups to exclude computers from getting certain software or sof...  View more

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AD Bind Script Help

I have a 3 part policy. (Script Set as Before) Part 1 rename the mac to username-last4serial#Part 2 Bind to AD with the Build in Directory binding JAMF policy(Script Set as After) Part 3 creates a mobile account. The issue I have is it binds the Mac ...  View more

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Mac App Store app fails

I have a problem with deploying mac app store apps. I have setup 2 new macbook pros and both I cannot install apps from self service that are mac store apps. It fails and then opens the app store. I do not have this problem on a few macbooks that whe...  View more

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Create a list of apps with expectations

I need to find all apps that i have installed on my Mac, and ignore some apps from finding, from list that i have created. At output must be only that apps that are not included in my list, or all apps, but that which are not in list are somehow mark...  View more

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Remove users from local admin

Hello there. I just started using Jamf and I love it. Historically we have made all users a local admin on their machine. Now that we have Jamf in place, we want to remove those rights. But there are some dev users who will still need local admins so...  View more

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smb Automount issue in Sierra and above

Guys,I am having issue while auto mounting the smb network drive in Sierra and high sierra machines. we usually use a script for mounting the drive for the logged in user and here no user interaction should be required. somehow its not working for si...  View more

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Old network folders being remembered?

We have a logon script that mounts an Active Directory user's network home folder to ~/Documents. Recently we bought some new file servers and have been moving accounts over to them, however we're seeing that if a user whose home folder has been move...  View more

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