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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Changing password on the secondary password account

I know that this has been asked many ways but not sure how to do this specifically. I have 2 admin accounts on each machine. They are both added with the quick add package and I have have a script that regularly checks for and re adds the secondary a...  View more

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Self SErvice Errors...

Hi, We ugraded to 9.63.Since then. policies fail to run..Here's a snipit of the Log file: 25/03/2015 09:11:28.204 Self Service[2391]: [ERROR] -[InstallerQueueProcessBinder finishProcess] (line:190) --> Policy VMware VDI Client failed with: Error Doma...  View more

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iPad Require Password-15 mins issue

Hi. I have 2 configuration Profiles, let's call it Profiles 1 and 2.These 2 profile have the exactly same setting. (I clone profile 1, and rename it for profile 2)"Require iTunes password for all purchases" has been unchecked in both profile.When I u...  View more

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Zoom Presence

Hi All, Anyone have any experience updating Zoom Presence? (www.zoom.us) So basically, it is an always running app for Video Conference purposes. Just wondering how I can quit the app and then update it. I had a look at PID on different mac minis run...  View more

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Disaster Recover and backup JSS

Hey everybody, I need to set up a disaster recovery server for our JSS. I've looked around and I think I understand what needs to be done, I need to clarify some stuff though. The backup server will be at a different location. I know I'll need to upd...  View more

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Device Signature Error

Upgraded from Casper 9.62 to 9.65, but started experiencing trouble when running recon via terminal. Anyone else run into this? "Device Signature Error - A Valid device signature is required to perform the action.  View more

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Yosemite image on new machines, require disk repair?

So I have 105 new macbook pro's I am setting up. I pulled one out of the box. Set it up with apps,binding,printers,settings etc. I then target booted it to my imac and launched composer. I then created a new base image and captured the macbook hard d...  View more

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Hosting distribution point in DFS

I've been looking for a better approach when it comes to distributing files, and it occurred to me that I might be able to host it up in our SAN (Huzza 10GBe!) and I was wondering if anyone had any experience hosting files this way. I know in the pas...  View more

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What are your software policy Scopes based on?

This is a best practice question. What are your software distrobution scopes based on? I'm looking for the best way to scope out my software distribution and was curious how others were doing it. We were manually assigning departments but I found my ...  View more

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Unsupported Format Exception

At the end of deploying a new image to one of our test machines, I ran into the message I've attached in this post. I don't have any other applications running during the time of image deployment other than the Casper Imaging app itself. Trying to tr...  View more

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Pointing clients to a new JSS

I could only find one thread on this from 2012 but am looking for some input. We have a new JSS and have migrated the database over to it but we want all our clients to talk to it now. What I have tried: 1) Casper Remote - I have tried remote enrolli...  View more

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JSS on Raspberry Pi 2 – Because You Can!

I few weeks ago I started looking into the ideal platform to support a number of distributed JSS servers. We are Mac guys so the mini is obviously in the list. I looked at the NUCs, I looked at Linux boxes. And then I got to thinking that maybe the n...  View more

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[OT] Printing to PDF in Citrix

We have a handful of users that were recently put on Citrix to access some application via IE via Citrix. They are coming back now saying they need to print to PDF files. Has anybody found a way to make this work? It's a mix of 10.7-10.10machines.  View more

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trouble disabling auto-logout

Hello, I have a set of computers that is set to logout after 20 minutes for students. I've had to re-allocate some of those computers elsewhere, but am having trouble disabling the auto logout setting. I've disabled that setting in the jss, but I can...  View more

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Prevent software updates?

Does anyone know of a way to prevent OS from checking for/receiving software updates? We're having a problem with 10.9.5 iMacs that are connected to external AV systems (these are iMacs set up in classrooms). After both 2015 security updates the on-b...  View more

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Chrome install issue

I am having an issue with our Chrome install package for Self Service when a student goes to install it. Everything goes great with it but when you open it for the first you get 2 pop ups. One is about KSAdmin and the other Google Update Services but...  View more

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Hostname Generator

** While this applies directly to folks using Deploystudio, I figured I would share here just in case it may interest someone.I rewrote a script (original script was done by Tim Sutton) which when added to a Deploystudio workflow, will generate a ran...  View more

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Deploying Screen Savers for Yosemite

It seems screensaver settings are now contained within the ByHost files. I have tried several scripts with mixed results and was wondering if anyone has had any luck with deploying a screensaver for an enterpriseWhat I am trying to achieve is point t...  View more

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AutoCasperNBI - pre-release - testers needed

Hi All, Over the past few weeks I have been busy making some major changes to AutoCasperNBI, & really need some testers to make sure it's working as it should pre releasing it as version 1.2. Changes below & URL to get the pre-release is: https://git...  View more

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VPP, Apple DEP, and creating apple id for DEP

I looked and can't find the answer to the following two questions: Where do I find directions to create multiple apple id's for our institution owned iPads? How do I alert apple for safe list for ip? I have created and used our vpp account, dep accou...  View more

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Viewing/Editing Casper .mobileconfig files

I'm working on a new .mobileconfig file to distribute 802.1x settings. I can make this work in a file built by ProfileManager, but when I build what appears to be the same thing on my JSS and load it on a test box, I'm getting "Acquired: cannot promp...  View more

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LDAP "working" but not integrated

I've created an LDAP connection between our School and our main campus LDAP server and I get records returned when I click on the test button. However, when I go to add a New User (System Settings/JSS users Accounts & Groups, and click on the + sign,...  View more

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AutoCasperNBI and 2015 MacBook Air

I am having an issue specific to the 2015 MacBook Air. When I use AutoCasperNBI to create a NetBoot image using the base OS specific to this model, the end result is not only an unmodifiable DMG, but one that doesn't even remember the JSS URL. I have...  View more

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Issues logging into VPP site

Is anyone else having issues logging into VPP today? Our purchasing account is saying: "Your Apple ID Can't Be Used in This Store. This Apple ID is associated with the iTunes Store, and can't be used for the Volume Purchase Program." This is the same...  View more

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