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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Binding OS X to AD

I am new to JAMF and will be attending training soon, but I want to get a head start on getting setup on the Casper suite. I have read through a lot of documentation and forums, but there are still a few things puzzling me. First I have this issue, I...  View more

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Setting up HTTP Downloads on OS X Server.app?

Hello everyone! I currently have HTTP downloads enabled on Windows Server 2012 using IIS 8. Now, I would like to do the same with OS X. I currently have these settings in OS X Server 4.1 (10.10.3 )and it basically hangs then fails and I get this erro...  View more

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AD and Folder Redirection

Hi Folks, I'm a very new systems engineer and my scripting skills is pretty much -1 to Zero. I have an issue at a school I have been directed for Casper Support. They have a setup where Macs are bound to AD and user home folders, i.e. desktop, docume...  View more

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Blocking Dev build(s) of 10.11

Hey guys, If I want to block dev builds of 10.11, is the best way to still restrict the developer beta installer app as a restricted app, or does anyone have any better ideas? Apple's site has this for blocking betas, https://support.apple.com/en-us/...  View more

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Breakage Rates in a 1:1 iPad Deployment?

So, those of you that have iPad deployments in your schools, I'm curious - how bad is your breakage rate? My current deployment is 7th and 8th grade, 673 devices total. Of those, we had 121 total breakages (and a few losses) over this year which puts...  View more

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Disabling TLSv1.0

Has anyone had success disabling TLSv1.0 in Tomcat? The new PCI DSS 3.1 requirements require that not only SSLv2 and SSLv3 be disabled, but TLSv1.0 as well (leaving only TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2). This is problematic for the JSS, because disabling TLSv1.0...  View more

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SMB + Adobe = kernel panics

I've been having an issue on a number of the Macs here at the office. Usually when using an Adobe app and often when saving a document directly on the server, a user's computer will all of a sudden kernel panic and restart. In analyzing the backtrace...  View more

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CSR for PKI via API?

Hello, we're using our JSS's Root CA to sign our HTTPS DP's SSL certificates. This is a yearly chore, but I was wondering if there was a way to submit the CSR via the API in stead of copy/pasting it into myjss.company.com:8443/pki.html This would gre...  View more

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Scripting user data backup

Hi everyone, I got to a point, now I am stuck. I am trying to compress the user home folder and then transfer that .zip to a file share. When I run the commands separately the compression works and the transfer works. The issue is that when I try and...  View more

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Help with 802.1x Wireless Payload

Hello JAMF Nation, I'm currently having issues with deploying a machine level Wi-Fi payload. I've tried all the authentications method listed and they all fail. Occasionally, I will get prompted on my testing machine for my username and password. I e...  View more

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Installing a package and an update

I have a Lync package that we have to push to local Macs. There is also an patch that needs to be installed once Lync is installed. How do you guys do this? I set up a policy with the package with the priority 10 and the patch with the priority 11 bu...  View more

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iPad Lock Screen

I know in Configurator we used to be able to make the iPad lock screen show the user or device name. Is there a way to do that in Casper, and make it so the students can't change it?  View more

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Removing Apps from iPads

Greetings JAMFbuddies... We are in the process of collecting the iPads from the students. One of the things I am wondering about it how to wipe the iPads, while still being able to reissue the Apps for next year. Is there a specific process in Casper...  View more

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Casper Imaging - Curtain/Splash Screen

So I have a need to display a dialog via AppleScript asking for some input from the user so that it can complete setup. So Im wondering is there away to make the dialog box show on top of the curtain/splash screen. If not a way to disable the curtain...  View more

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WWDC 2015 Thread

No Apple TV, but maybe a music streaming service? And some updates on iOS 9 and OS X? We'll find out soon…  View more

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Adding Sites and Distribution Points

I’m not quite sure what the capabilities are as we add other departments. Apparently there has to be a master distribution point and that’s what Casper Admin points to when launching the application. Ideally we would like each department to have thei...  View more

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VPP apps are not showing up in 'Purchased' tab

Hi I've assigned VPP apps to a user. However, these aren't showing up in the 'downloads' tab on the App Store, so I therefore can't install them. Is there anything I can do?? It was working fine last week! Any help would be much appreciated.  View more

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network installation

Casper NetInstall Image Creator creates a netboot image, does this image contains casper imaging inside? what i am trying to do is to boot all new mac to netboot server , and install pkgs load configuration files and enroll into jss. so far what i kn...  View more

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Password managers, is Keychain an ok choice?

We are starting to talk about password managers for our end users so I am asking the Casper folks what they think. Is the basic built in Keychain an ok choice? Should we look around for a better solution. Thanks.  View more

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About JSS Installer.mpkg

Hi guys,I'm a newbie about JAMF, I was trying to install the Casper Suite, just because I wanted to try it. I'm getting stuck when I have to install JSS. Should I contact JAMF Software in order to have the JSS installer.mpg as shown in the guide? Che...  View more

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AppleScript help

Trying to make something more glamorous than it should be. I have an apple script that's fairly simple for cleaning up wifi on our workstations when our VPN client mucks DNS/Search domains. do shell script "networksetup -setsearchdomains 'Wi-Fi' empt...  View more

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How to force a check in on Casper

Hi - I'm looking for a way to force a device check-in on Casper (9.72). Whether its hidden somewhere on Casper or a script I can manually run on the device to check in. Thanks  View more

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Enrollment post flight script failing

Hello all I have a 2014 Macbook Air that I enrolled in Casper in April and it stopped checking in a couple days later. I tried running a few commands (sudo jamf recon and sudo jamf manage) and received errors that "jamf" was not recognized. I uninsta...  View more

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