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Jamf Pro 10.41.0 Beta 2 now available!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.41.0 Beta 2. This is our compatibility release with the new operating systems coming from Apple this fall. There are a number of updated or new keys, a GSX Update, and updates to the Azure AD migration ...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.40.1 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation, Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.40.1. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, please read the Jamf Pro 10.40.1 release notes here. Cloud Upgrade Schedule Your Jamf Pro server, including any free san...  View more

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Failed Login to Self Service and MDM Enroll

I'm getting a weird issue where some of our AD users aren't able to login to Self Service or to the MDM enroll process.It doesn't appear to be limited to any users from a particular OU or group. It looks to be random. I was thinking of checking the J...  View more

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Mac Software Updates

Has anybody tried / seen the littleboyblue package / scripts for software updates? Supposedly it gives a popup that checks if there are updates, if none then it exits silently, if it finds any it prompts the user to either schedule or do the install ...  View more

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Mobile account creation at login

Hi GuysSorry if this has been asked before, but I cannot seem to locate it. We're a rather larger school district and we have a large number of Macbooks that students use in building only. On our desktops we use normal true network homes (each buildi...  View more

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Imaging FirstRun Script Fails - 8.52

I'm experiencing a issue that I hope, someone can shed some light on. When imaging a new computer or an older computer that has been removed from the JSS prior to imaging, the FirstRun Scripts fail to run. (Though they do show they were added and cop...  View more

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Weird Composer problem

Since the 8.5 upgrade I can't seem to build reliable DMGs with composer I have tried different build folders and external drives but after the build when I mount the DMG I have this... external image link Not sure what my issue is. Anyone else having...  View more

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Managing Firefox Add-ons Blocklist

Firefox pro actively now blocks add ons it deems unsafe. I understand why they do it, but in our situation it's not always ideal for an outside source to be making this decision for us. We can't always patch as quickly as we'd like without breaking o...  View more

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JAMF SCCM Plugin 2.0

I was wondering if anyone on the forums is using the JAMF SCCM plug 2.0 and what their experience has been so far. We are in the middle of getting it configured and it has been somewhat difficult. If anyone has any tips or undocumented workarounds pl...  View more

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Hardening the NetSUS appliane

Hi- In having a Foundstone scan done on the NetSUS appliance so that it could be used centrally for internal SUS duty, a few things stuck out. They were mainly around vulnerabilities with SMB. As the instance I was having scanned was only going to be...  View more

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NetSUS off-network failover to Apple?

At a recent CCA training session, it was mentioned that the software update catalog from the JAMF NetSUS appliance allows off-network users to retrieve approved updates from Apple. This would be fantastic for us, as our faculty (who will soon leave f...  View more

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Netboot / DP off network

So... we have a remote site that's off our main network. I want to be able to netboot / build machines there. I was thinking maybe put a DP in our corporate cloud, but in theory they wouldn't be able to netboot. What would be some options? Theoretica...  View more

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Configuration Profiles applied?

Is there an easy way to tell if a config profile has been applied? I couldn't see anything in the smart groups or pre-built into the EA...maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing.  View more

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Verify FirstRun Scripts and Reboot

We have built an image of 10.7.3 and complied it with the needed software. We have a few scripts that run at FirstRun after imaging that creates a user, joins our wireless network, sets time zone, and binds the computer to Active Directory. We would ...  View more

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Casper Remote Connections

I have a question about Casper Remote that I don't see answered here. When I am using this program on a room full of computers, only 20 sessions are active at any given time. When the top one finishes, then 21 starts and so on. I was wondering what c...  View more

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Apple Security Flaw, not just FileVault users!

http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/apple-security-blunder-exposes-lion-login-passwords-in-clear-text/11963 This articles and others reference how it may affect multiple different configurations, even ones that have never had FileVault enabled. I have...  View more

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PKI Setup Confusion

When you specify for the JSS to "Use External Certificate Authority" it prompts you to enter information regarding the SCEP server. I don't know what this is and have never dealt with this before (my only experience with SSL certs is ISS 6/7). If I u...  View more

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Trusted Cert for the Casper Server

If we bought a trusted Certificate for our Casper Server, would that fix iOS profiles having to be "tap to install" on each device every time?Right now we are just using the self-signed cert from Casper and we have to accept the un-trusted cert and t...  View more

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Managed Systems falling off Active Directory

I had an issue with a customer who works from home (~425 miles away from main office) He had been unable to log into his managed system, and came in to the help desk. After logging in as the local admin, I checked and the mac it was showing as bound ...  View more

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Need to mass add room

I have many computers I need to edit location info, more specifically the room field. Its very time consuming to edit each computer individually. Any ideas? Thanks.  View more

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