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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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#JNUC - Managing the Unmanageable

Presenters: Bill Hansen and Bryson TyrrellLocation: Wertele Thrust Stage (level 4, Guthrie)Time: Thursday, October 25 at 2:15pm Join Bill Hansen and Bryson Tyrrell for a look inside the IT world at JAMF Software. Learn about how we use the Casper Sui...  View more

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NetSUS Appliance - changing the AFP share name

By default the appliance has a single AFP share called "Home Directory". If you want to change that to something else, as long as you have command line access it's quite easy. Log into shelluser or equivalent user and type the following: "sudo cp /et...  View more

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Setting up A Clustered JSS

Working my way through setting up a Clustered JSS environment. My Main JSS is on our internal VPN running Ubuntu and connected to our consolidated MySQL Server. I have tested, JSS is accessing the database and everything is functioning properly. Now,...  View more

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Setting Search Domains Dynamically

Hi, First post! I'm new to Casper (have about four months experience under my belt) and i've been working on an implementation project for 8.62. One of the things i've encountered was our need to set search domains on each mac to ensure that things l...  View more

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Laptop backups

We've been using CrashPlan for a few years, and are looking for alternatives to backup our fleet of laptops. Any recommendations on solutions that are easy to deploy with Casper?  View more

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Remove SSID's from lists.

We have staff members clicking on our guest network. I would like to find a script that removes the guest network from the network connections lists. I believe its called the perferred network list. Is there any way we can do this?  View more

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#JNUC Keynote Feedback

Hey guys, Thanks for the warm kick off this morning, it was awesome to feel so welcome by everyone! We covered a few big themes this morning: The Power of And; the Intersection of Apple and Enterprise, and Going Global. Zach did a demo of version 9.0...  View more

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Missing domain/plist

Hi all, I have created a managed preference (MCX) through Casper to disable AirDrop but after a 2nd look I realize that my test system does not have the domain/plist /Library/Preferences/com.apple.NetworkBrowser.... Why is this? I did notice that my ...  View more

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Auto Launch Safari to a specific webpage

I need to auto launch Safari to a specific webpage every time a user logs in. What is the best way to go about this with Casper. I have created an Automator app and manually copied it to the drive and set it as a login item. I have also created a .sh...  View more

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iPad Authentication to Active Directory

Is there a way to force iPads to authenticate to active directory using the JAMF MDM?Our web filtration (M86 Security) is based on Active Directory user accounts so all our iPads are getting the most restrictive filtration as they are not authenticat...  View more

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#JNUC Meetups?

Since we're all here to connect with others, how about a thread on ideas/meetups for this week's JNUC? Hearing good things about Bryant Lake Bowl's microbrew selections, as well Town Hall Brewery for a more local option. Others?  View more

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Self Service Question

Ok, I've deployed a package to my Mac desktop. I setup the package to run via Self Service. When I click on the package to install it I am prompted to enter the Local Admin password. First, I am logged on as an Admin and second, in the JSS web portal...  View more

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What order do policies execute in?

I posted this earlier, and either it was too easy and I should have known the answer or it was too hard for the forum. So I'll try again :-) If you build a policy that has three things identified in it: A packageA scriptA command (advanced tab) What ...  View more

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Package Deployments

Sorry to start a new thread but the last one got too long. I've added a package to the Casper Admin tool. I've read must of the "quickstart_guild_for_mobile_device_management". In that document on page 20 it talks about "distribute an App". it says t...  View more

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What to backup on JSS?

Hi, all. I'm setting up Windows Server Backup on my JSS and am wondering what other folks are doing as far as backup configuration. What items are you backing up? I was thinking system state, the JSS backups folder, and my repository. Do I need to ba...  View more

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#JNUC: Getting Hooked on Self Service

Please come out and join Andrew Seago with, Getting Hooked on Self Service. This session wlll be running Thursday, October 25, 1-2pm. We'll take a look at how Self Service has been utilized to efficiently and effectively provide software deployments ...  View more

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#JNUC: Extension Attributes in Sheep's Clothing

Arek Sokol will be covering, Extension Attributes in Sheeps clothing, Wednesday, October 24 10:15-11:30 in the Dowling Studio. This session will give you a new perspective or two on Extension Attributes, including real-world examples for leveraging t...  View more

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#JNUC: An Introduction to the NetBoot/SUS Appliance

Come join us if you've been thinking about implementing the NetBoot/SUS Appliance and would like to know if this is the right approach for your organization. This session is scheduled for Thursday, October 25 10:15-11:30 in the Nelson Classroom. In t...  View more

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Casper and Managed Services Companies

I am looking to connect with other people at the National Users Conference who use Casper to manage unique companies as part of their Managed Service offerings. FirstTech is located in Minneapolis, MN. I am the Service and Support Manager. We use Cas...  View more

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#JNUC - Maintain Your Sanity with Self Service

Self Service is an incredibly powerful tool for IT. By leveraging your users to perform common tasks, we can focus our time on the more important things that need to get done every day. Join us Thursday afternoon, 2:15pm at the McGuire Proscenium Sta...  View more

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