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Scripting - Getting a line from txt file

Hello, I'm very new to scripting and need help getting a specific line from a txt file. I need to get an Adobe Challenge Key for our License renewal process. I figured out a way of packaging the terminal tool kit and running a script to get a text fi...  View more

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Macs not checking in

We are tearing our hair out with this problem. Some of our Macs (random, not always the same) are not checking in with the JSS on the 15 minute Check-in Frequency set under Computer Management. This means that when a policy is available it takes some...  View more

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Smart Laptop Carts

Hello, I work in a school and we use quite a few carts for MacBooks and iPads. Does anyone know of or have experience with carts that not only charge but have network connection to see how many devices are connected remotely? Whenever I search, I jus...  View more

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JamfPro on CentOS8

I tried to install JamfPro on CentOS8 in my sandbox. Get this error. [sys_admin@test-jamf tmp]$ sh jamfproinstaller.run Verifying archive integrity... All good. Uncompressing Jamf Pro InstallerExtraction failed. 100% Signal caught, cleaning up I did ...  View more

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Change of Username (Prompt end user for name)

Hi All, I have around 500 mac's where at least half get passed around in departments. I have an extension attribute to tell me the last user. I have to export this to a CSV with the current username assigned (Active Directory). Does anyone have a scr...  View more

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Custom Password Policy

Hi All, I am using Profile Creator a to create a password policy. I then go and edit it to be 25 characters min. However when the machine boots or within the password change screen I only see the number. When the full 25 characters has been entered t...  View more

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AirPlay logs

Is there a way to see airplay logs in Jamf Pro 10.16 and if so where? More specifically what mac address or IP tried to airplay to a specific appletv? Thanks,  View more

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Some iPads unable to connect to Self Service

We have a growing number of users reporting that their iPads cannot connect to Self Service. At the top of Self Service they get a message that says: X - Unable to connect to server. Retry It was initially only a handful of folks and we tried various...  View more

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iPad can't reach activation server

We seem to have random onesie or twosie iPads that absolutely refuse to reach the activation server. I'm working on an iPad now and even after removing it from an ASM assignment (and Jamf prestage) and then putting it back in, it gets the refusal mes...  View more

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Guest account asking for lock screen password

We have recently enabled the guest account for a group of 1-to-1 iMacs in our environment so that the computer can be used by a substitute when the primary user is gone. The issue we're running into is that some, but not all, computers are going to t...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.17 - Cloud Upgrade Schedule

Hi Jamf Nation, We're excited to announce that Jamf Pro 10.17 is now available! This is a significant release for us and we're excited for you to get your hands on the new Google Secure LDAP integration and enhancements to User Enrollment and Enrollm...  View more

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Policies failing - "Operation not permitted"

Yo. A recent couple of new macs were setting up came with Catalina, and I've noticed that when they try to copy packages down from our SMB shares, often times htey fail with a message that states "Operation not permitted" For example, logs show Execu...  View more

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JNUC 2019....no Tik Tok love?

So had a great time at JNUC 2019. Was surprised to see that among all my fellow geeks, nerds, and fun loving people...nobody else created any Tik Toks using the hashtag JNUC2019. Frankly, I think we need to do better at JNUC 2020.  View more

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NetSUS issue with RedHAT v7.7 Enterprise Linux?

Hi all, I was wondering if you can shed some light as we're struggling to get NetSUS running properly. I've downloaded the NetSUSLPInstaller.run from GitHub and installed the application without any issues. But when I login to the webadmin portal, I ...  View more

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Managed MacOS Dock Suggestions

I am looking to manage MacOS users docks. One for labs where the dock will be static and not changeable and for staff where I would like to push a standard dock then they can edit as they wish. I have tried using Dockutil as a script in Jamf via a po...  View more

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iOS 802.1X with Meraki RADIUS

Hey everyone, I have enrolled some iOS devices running iOS 13 in our JAMF instance and i'm trying to connect them to 802.1x network but I couldn't !! i'm using generic username & password + trusting Meraki certificate. Any tips are very appreciated.  View more

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Disable Apple TV Remote in iPad/iOS in Control Centre

Our students manage to find and enable the Apple TV Remote in their iPads to mirror and mess up the school's classroom Apple TV configuration by themselves. Just wondering is there a way for the school Jamf Pro to disable the Apple TV Remote in stude...  View more

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Trouble Downloading Mojave Installer

My trouble is two-fold. The first issue is that when attempting to download the Mojave installer (or Catalina or any other macOS installer), I end up getting a "network connection was lost" error. This happens on any computer on our network. Maybe th...  View more

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Connecting Azure AD with Jamf Pro

I'm in the process of trying to connect our Azure AD environment with Jamf Pro. I keep getting "Unable to connect to LDAP Server" when I do a test. I'm new to using Azure so please excuse anything obvious. Settings configured in Jamf ProDirectory Ser...  View more

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Skype removal

Looking for the best way to create a policy to remove Skype for Business from all Macs in our environment.  View more

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