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Jamf Pro 10.42.0 Beta 2 is Now Available!!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.42.0 Beta 2. We've added support for Apple's Declarative Device Management along with a few refinements and fixes. Jamf Pro 10.42.0 Beta features many fixes and some exciting new enhancements including ...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.41 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation, Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.41. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, review the release notes here. Cloud Upgrade Schedule Your Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environments, will ...  View more

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Jamf 9.98 & MySQL 5.7.x

I was testing the workflow to upgrade 9.98 and mysql. the 9.98 seemed to upgrade as expected. when I updated mysql though, I got the error about needing to change the root password.. which took some googling as the docs were confusing.. finally got b...  View more

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Trying to understand Policy options

How do you properly remove a policy ? I'm testing some on a machine and I have it doing what I want but unless I removeFramework I can't seem to figure out how to "uninstall" a policy Thanks for the helpRich  View more

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JSS 9.98 issue

I updated to 9.98 a couple of days ago and now iPad apps that i have set to VPP install automatically are not automatically updating on the iPads. If you go into self service you can update them - so it is not an emergency. Just wondering if anyone e...  View more

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Disable Netbios on OS X 10.11-10.12

Good morning everyone!, I have gone through the messages here and also most places on the web. I have tried most scripts such as:sudo launchctl disable system/netbiosd, and while that runs it does not seem to disable netbios, I still see everything i...  View more

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OSX 10.12.3 - Panic Log - Advice Please

Morning, Is anyone able to give me some advice on the below Panic log, I have a few users having random crashes without warning, the device is manly running Adobe products which are patch up to date. Many thanks for any info. Anonymous UUID: 993F98E5...  View more

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Re-installing a 802.1x configuration profile

Hello, I am looking for help on re-installing a single wifi config profile using bash. This is what I have currently. It works fine but at the beginning I get this prompt, "Enter the profile removal password:". I just press 'Enter' since there is no ...  View more

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JamfHelper > dynamic icon display

So I thought it would be good fun if my jamfhelper script would display an icon of the specific Mac model on which the script was running. There are a bunch of places in the OS where these icons are stored, but I’m hitting a brick wall trying to figu...  View more

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Enable Airdrop with Always on VPN

Hello all,we have enabled an always on VPN to monitor student iPad use away from school but now staff are reporting that they can no longer use Airdrop. Is there a way around this problem? Many thanks for your thoughts. RegardsGraeme  View more

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PATH Variable with the $User variable

I have a script that has the the following variables ## Get User Name. loggedInUser=`/bin/ls -l /dev/console | /usr/bin/awk '{ print $3 }'` PATH1='/Users/$loggedInUser/path/to/folder/' Then it uses expect to pass the path to a SCP command. When passi...  View more

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Netboot issue on 2015 devices

HELP!! HELP!!! We have recently started experincing some netboot issues. The issue has been discussed but can't seem to find an appropriate solution for this. We can't netboot from any 2015 devices it comes up with circle with diagonal line. 2.Older ...  View more

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Locate where packages and scripts are used....

Hi Everyone, I know there is a feature request out there for finding where groups are used. Does anyone know if there is a feature request to find out where packages and scripts are used? I am going to be doing a lot of clean up of our JSS this summe...  View more

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Hard drive on desktop

Trying to get my HD and connected servers to be on the desktop by default. I have a script that, when ran on my main computer, works great..... When I try to use the trigger on the test machine it doesnt seem to want to relaunch the finder even thoug...  View more

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Microsoft Lync will not Uninstall

I am trying to get Microsoft Lync uninstalled so that Skype for Business will be our main communication app. I have indexed the package, marked it for uninstallation and even tried using a script to uninstall but Microsoft Lync refuses to go away. He...  View more

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Jamfds segfault after RHEL update

Hi All, I have a ticket in with Jamf about this, but thought I'd ask here. Anyone seeing jamfds segfaulting after and update of glibc? I'm trying to reinstall the jds, but it can't contact the primary since it seems to segfault during setup. =/ It lo...  View more

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WiFi Issues

Hello, I'm using a connection 802.1X in my network config, but, the issue that I'm getting is that sometimes and randomly, after some computers wake up, the WiFi doesn't connect, it only shows the WiFi icon trying to connect, also, when I checked the...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10 and certification validity

According to JAMF's training policies, certification earned on JSS 9.x will be invalid when JSS 10.x is released sometime in 2017. Length of Validity:Jamf certification is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the associated exam (CCT, CCA, CJA) or...  View more

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Updating user images in Apple Classroom

Does anyone know what it takes to update an image on a user in Apple Classroom? If you change the image file, the new image shows correctly on the user in the JSS, but Apple Classroom continues to show the old image. Deleting the source image doesn't...  View more

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