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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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Last year there were JAMF hired buses that took attendees from various spots to the party. Anything like that this year?  View more

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Noobie needs a script to bind to AD

JAMF nation I will be assigning our Mac devices to the various sites specified in our JSS.We then have a script to name the machine. A dedicated script will be run for machines under each site. I then need to have these machines bind themselves to ou...  View more

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Casper imaging different outcomes

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction... I have setup a NetBoot server (using NetSuS) and created a NBI with AutoCasperNBI. I have also create a Base_OS.dmg using AutoDMG. With the NetBoot Image I can start the netbo...  View more

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Apple DEP sign-in problems this morning?

Anyone else having problems signing in to DEP this morning? I try the 2 factor authentication, but I'm not getting any codes. I have 2 devices configured, and neither are getting the code. It also redirected me to sign-in to https://appleid.apple.com...  View more

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Netsus wont work at site

we're getting an issue where one of our sites wont netboot correctly. this is what i can see in the logs on the Netsus server:Oct 17 12:31:09 ixllvmva24 dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 00:d0:23:07:1f:f2 via network no free leasesO...  View more

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Apple Software updates policy

When setting a policy to deploy Apple OS updates to devices, does that turn on auto updates after it completes? I've set a policy to deploy Apple updates and it is going out to the Apple Software update server. The policy is set to run once per compu...  View more

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Reading Cached AD Groups Off Network

Hi all I have always had problems with getting remote cached managed mobile account users Active Directory group membership reporting back to the jss. If your users hardly ever connect to the corporate network it can be a nightmare. Ideally an ldapse...  View more

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"Casper Suite is now named Jamf Pro."

https://www.jamf.com/products/jamf-pro/ Casper Suite is now named Jamf Pro. The product will reference Casper Suite until the next release — Jamf Pro Version 10 — ships with the new name and great new features. Details of Jamf Pro version 10 coming s...  View more

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Jamf Nation blocked by McAfee

Hi all, in testing McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac version 10.2.1 (2632) with Web Control Enabled, JAMF Nation comes up being blocked. See attached screen shot. Can get around this by disabling the Web Control, has anyone else come across this?  View more

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Centralized Backups

Hi, Does anybody have a solution that would allow IOS devices to backup to our server? Users have used iCloud but run out of room quickly. Thanks,Jared  View more

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Livestreams recorded?

I'd really like to watch the live stream from the JNUC ( https://www.jamfsoftware.com/events/jamf-nation-user-conference/2016/live/ ) but I'm in PDT and 7:00am? Ouch, Will these be recorded so we can watch them at a more reasonable time?  View more

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iOS AirPrint Profiles

For some reason, this year we're getting a number of requests to be able to make paper from devices that are supposed to replace paper. Go figure... I've been testing out Printopia Pro as not all of our printers support IPP/AirPrint. Anyone had any l...  View more

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Macs Freezing/Lockups

I've had some odd issues that happened with some of our Macs in my company. We have over 100 Macs that are being managed with about 80 of those being used by employees. Other Macs are either shared or test machines. Last Friday, we received a couple ...  View more

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Sierra 10.12 - Safari Home Page - User Templet

Safari defaults to: http://www.apple.com/startpage and I unable to change the default home page by modifying com.apple.safari.plist like in the other versions of OS X. I need the user templet homepage set to our home page - not Apples. Any idea how t...  View more

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Change Speech to Text Rate via CMD line

Hello all, Testing in our K12 environment is coming up soon...Great! For specific tests, speech to text is an available option to students. For younger kids I think the "normal" rate is too fast. Does anyone have a script to change this setting under...  View more

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