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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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JNUC - Deals for attendees

I hope everyone is enjoying the JNUC so far! Just a reminder, several local businesses are offering deals to badged JNUC attendees. The Dunn Brothers across the street from the Guthrie is the closest, but there are plenty! Whether your thing is coffe...  View more

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Logout Script - Fails to mount with AD account

Currently have a policy set to run on logout that runs a keychain cleanup script. Script works like a charm. The issue I'm having is getting the script to run when an AD user logs out. The script works fine when I use a local admin account: Executing...  View more

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Smart Group Time

Is there any way to determine the length of time a computer has been in a specific smart group? I would like to create a smart group based on the amount of time a computer has been part of another smart group. Thanks!  View more

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Outlook 2016 & AD Directory Servers

We are upgrading our AD domain. We are adding new DCs and phasing-out older DCs in our domain. We are not migrating domains, we are simply raising the domain functioning level with newer versions of Windows Server 2012 R2. Outlook 2016 (and presumabl...  View more

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Usage Logs Blank After Upgrade

I updated recently from 9.65 to 9.81 and have an issue. When I click on the log for any policy, including ones created post update, the results are blank. That being said, on running policies promoted to the Dashboard I can see the progress of the po...  View more

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Adobe Flash player Install on El Capitan 10.11

Has anyone been able to install/update Adobe Flash Player on El Capitan 10.11 as it looks like the Adobe Flash Player Install Manager.app is still trying to install in Applications/Utilities which then comes up against SIP.  View more

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Forgot ladmin password and more

Have a student computer that hasn't checked in for a while. That machine has 9.73 while we are running 9.81 now. I would be happy to just input my ladmin password to get issue worked out using selfservice, but the ladmin password that was created dur...  View more

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Question for all K-12 Casper Admins

Hi all,I wanted to take a kind of survey of Casper admins in K-12 and how they manage computers. If you have a moment I'm quite interested in the responses. Do you have a one-to-one program? Do you allow students to install apps on computers? (Admin ...  View more

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Force VPN connection off-campus

Hey everyone, This is my first post with JAMF NATION. We have our environment (mostly) fleshed out and are VERY pleased with our migration to JAMF. I am working on setting up VPN connections for all teachers (K-12 environment) on their Macbook Pro's ...  View more

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user-enrollment package signing issues

So I'm trying to sign our user-enrolled package and having some issues. For info sake, here's what I've done: 1) Created a request certificate.2) Went to my developer account on Apple and created a Developer ID.3) Downloaded Developer ID and installe...  View more

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Adobe CC package failing via Self Service.

JSS Version: 9.8Distribution point is SMB. I created a Photoshop package with CCP, wrapped it into a DMG with Disk Utility, uploaded to distribution point, made the policy, tied the InstallPKGfromDMG script to it (with the correct parameter 4) and it...  View more

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JNUC 2015 Community Note-taking

Hey peeps, I've created a shared Google Drive folder with docs for sessions. Link below: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzHZGOoi_s-YaHd5alNmTENyRHM&usp=sharing It's hosted through the Austin Apple Admins Google Drive and is accessible to any...  View more

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JNUC 2015 Session Presentations

It's almost impossible to take good notes from all the different sessions. Is there somewhere we can go to get the links for presentations? Or if any of you have them, can you please share and include the session name? Thank you!  View more

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JNUC 2015 technical issues

Is anyone else having trouble connecting to free wifi at the Guthrie? My colleague and I each have 3 devices and none of them will connect. Is the wifi infrastructure here really so insufficient, or are we both doing something wrong?  View more

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