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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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Add Asset Tag from "Info 1" field"

We enter our asset tag numbers into the "info 1" field in the Sharing/Remote Management/Computer Settings window. How can we get these to show up in the Asset Tag field in Casper? Also, some of the fields are already have asset tag numbers in there, ...  View more

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Extending Casper to SCCM Reporting/Inventory?

Hello community, New to Casper and JSS. I've gone through the documentation on the Casper/SCCM Plugin, as well as these forums, but from what I can see the reporting/inventory functionality is very limited out of the box. My customer is looking to ro...  View more

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Office 2016 Enterprise Requiring Sign in

Office 2016 Enterprise pkg for Mac is requiring a "Sign In" after deployment/imaging through Casper. If I manually install Office 2016 using the same .pkg I'm provided a "Skip Sign In" at first launch. This option is not available if the pkg is deplo...  View more

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How can I extract "LocalHostName" for a script

If I type "echo $HostName" in terminal the system will return the actual host name of the computer because that value is an environmental variable that can be read with this method. "LocalHostName" doesn't seem to be an environmental variable that ca...  View more

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Apache Super-Noob Question

I know jack about Apache so please go easy on me. :-) I'm trying to set up an AUSST server on a Yosemite test box. Following these instructions I am able to get it working at the user level, but I can't get it to work at the system level. I can view ...  View more

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Zero-touch deployment

I'm new to the Casper Suite–having inherited the installation from a coworker that has since left the company–which means I haven't been through the JumpStart. What I'm trying to do is to set up a workflow mere mortals can follow to enroll their Macs...  View more

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How to setup FileVault 2 on AD computers.

How would you setups FileVault 2 policy for AD joined computers so it enables all users that have currently already have logged in and for any future new users that login? Also for computers that are not AD joined but have multiple user accounts curr...  View more

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Disabling FileVault for Users

I work in education and we have roughly 750 machines across 3 campuses. My issue is really two but on the same issue. The first one is students are given Administrator access, this is largely fine and we have little issues with them, however, they ar...  View more

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Run DSCL Extension Attribute once

I have an extension attribute that does a dscl query to create a Manager field in the JSS. What I would like to do is have it run once as it really does not need to perform a query every time inventory is run.What do I need to add to have it run once...  View more

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Skip Yosemite Setup Assistance

Does anyone know how to do this? I want to have an admin account setup and skip the rest of the setup. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2152439 Hello everybody First of all I have Netinstall up and running. My Problem is however: Everytime a clie...  View more

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Unset HostName (after scutil used to set)

The scutil doesn't appear to have a reliable way to undo HostName that was set. man scutil seems to indicate putting no value in the command will undo it, but doesn't seem to work. --set pref [newval] Updates the specified preference with the new val...  View more

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API: Smart Group with Parenthesis?

Fairly new Casper Admin here (previously Munki admin) working on some automation. Question I have been boxing with: Is it possible to use the API to create a Smart Group with parenthesis used for grouping in its definition? I've been racking my head ...  View more

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802.1x and Yosemite Upgrade

I was just curious if by chance anyone have seen or heard anything regarding in place upgrade and 802.1x wireless connectivity. We’ve come across an issue where during upgrade the wireless seems to partially break. If we image a computer to Yosemite ...  View more

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Update Department & Building by Policy?

Does anyone know of a way to update the department and building via an ongoing Policy? I have static groups that I'd like to make sure always has this information populate so I can build some other smart grouped policies off of.  View more

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JSS not updating check-in?

We recently had to restart the machine running our JSS (on 9.73), and I've noticed that when checking my inventory, the check-in times have not updated since restarting. Everything seems to still be working fine, but I haven't had any issues reported...  View more

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Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro 951 Script options

I seen another post that was kind of old that explained about adding options for a Bizhub 754 copier that was helpful looking for a script to add a Bizhub Pro 951 to a Mac computer. Here is what I have and the options that are on the copier that I ne...  View more

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Script to create standard computer name

Hi we just this week completed our jumpstart and are now looking to starting getting our mac service up and running. As expected it is now due last June and we are rapidly pulling stuff together to ensure the basics to serve our small group of mac us...  View more

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JDS on CentOS 7 not working

I have copied the .nbi image to new CentOS 7 JDS.But I can't seem to enable the netboot (icon red not green) on the JDS web interface. Has anyone had any luck getting a CentOS 7 JDS working?Disabled firewall and selinux is in permissive mode.  View more

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SUS didn't show all Apple security update ?

Hi All i am trying to deploy a thunderstrike patch (security update 2015-001 released on Jan 27 2015) via SUS.but i can't find this update on SUS. anyone know why? i still can find this update on Apple support https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1788?loca...  View more

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Office 2016 Startup/AutoUpdate Blocking

So, I'm not much of a writer, so I'll be quick with this. Here is the code: #!/bin/sh #Find Current User CurrentUser=`/usr/bin/who | awk '/console/{ print $1 }'` #Set Command Variable for trusted application register_trusted_cmd="/usr/bin/sudo -u $Cu...  View more

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