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Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta is now available!

Hello Jamf Nation! The Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta Release features a number of exciting improvements and enhancements for managing your Apple devices. Starting with 11.8.0, Jamf Pro admins will be able to set a minimum OS for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads t...  View more

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API to create and add users to static group

Is anyone good with the API? I am looking for something that would create a static group and add the user's in the csv to that static group. If it could also remove users if they aren't in the file for that group that would be even better. I tried th...  View more

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Delete Device Profile from Command Line

Hi.We are using a Configuration Profile to push Password settings to our clients that are not connected to the Domain.In order to apply some Kiosk Settings to this machines we need to remove this Configuration Profile (Device Profile) from the machin...  View more

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DEP enrollment with past orders

I just started assigning devices to my Apple DEP. I downloaded the gigantic .CSV file but it contained things from over the years like iPods, Apple TV's, MacBooks, iMacs, iPads. Right now we are only concerned with managing iPads. My question is can ...  View more

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JSS and link aggregation

We have an instance of the JSS that I am migrating from a mac mini to a new mac pro and are interested in implementing link aggregation on the mac pro server. Are there any issues that anyone has experienced or anything to be aware of if link aggrega...  View more

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How to use Calculator,Photos etc in Casper Focus

We are just starting with Casper Focus and was told that we need to have the app in casper for the teacher to be able to focus it, for example apps installed with the ios like calculator, photos, facetime etc.. I was trying to add it to the server un...  View more

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Verify Distribution Point?

Hello Casper people! I need you help. Is there a way to FORCE a client to use a distribution point. The reason I ask is in our environment we have two DP. Once is a AFP share and the other is a SMB share. The AFP share is the MASTER and for some reas...  View more

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Chrome Extension Reporting

Hey y'all, a query for the hive mind. We've been running into users installing Awesome Screenshots (horrible name), which beacons out to websites tens of thousands of times a day. As you can imagine, InfoSec is not happy about it. I'm trying to find ...  View more

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does anyone know a way to embed a WEP password into the macbook EFI? our password is too difficult to type and would like to wirelessly image.  View more

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Sending VPP Invitations

It appears that VPP invitations can only be sent to users with JSS accounts. However, we'd like to avoid creating user accounts for everyone in our LDAP. The option to send invitations to users in LDAP does not exist unless a user has been added to t...  View more

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Open link in default browser from Self Service

In the forced description I'm linking to the PDF that guides the user through initial setup of the software. When clicked, the PDF opens in Self Service and displays nicely enough but unless you're cluey enough to click the home button (or right clic...  View more

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dockutil issue

I've used dockutil outside of Casper for ages now it seems. But our group is moving towards Casper and I'm working on rebuilding our image with the Casper workflow. I'm using dockutil 2.0, and I've tested my shell script manually. Everything seems to...  View more

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new app at least for me.

I was looking for a solution to deal with disabling wireless when an ethernet cable is in place and re-enabling it when the cable is remove. After looking at various scripts and other solution this application was found. BridgeChecker http://accessag...  View more

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Removable Mac Addresses - necessary in v9?

With the move from Mac address to UDID, is it still necessary to add newly purchases ethernet adapter mac addresses into the removable mac addresses section of JSS? Any benefit? Searched and asked support.. still looking for an answer. Thanks!  View more

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Sanity Check?

Hey all, I found a Bash script that checks the Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse/Trackpad When I run it, get different Battery Level percentages from the shell's output vs what the Mac says in System Profiler and the Bluetooth Menu. It's been driving me nuts....  View more

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Replicating on Windows 2012 using robocopy

Hey all! I was wondering if anyone was having issues using Robocopy to replicate your Master share to your DP's? It seems I'm having an issue with Adobe packages copying properly. Something about symlinks? My question is if there is a better process ...  View more

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NEWBIE: MySQL Server won't start

Running OSX 10.9.4 & Server 3.1.2 on a Mac Mini. Went through the tutorial about where to download Java and MySQL from the JAMF pdf file. Followed everything and when I click on the preference pane to start the MySQL server, I verify my password, lit...  View more

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