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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Removing Logic Pro Licenses in JAMF Pro

Hello Everyone,I am pretty new to JAMF so forgive me if I am not using terms correctly. I work at a college and we have Logic Pro installed on 15 2020 M1 Mac Minis. We recently were hit by a blizzard, a pipe bust, and flooded that lab. Now those mach...  View more

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Set custom screensaver - macOS Ventura

Hi everyone!I've been spending so much time on this so I hope to find an answer in the Jamf community.Was anyone able to find a way to set a custom screensaver (a folder with 3 pictures in a loop) that works with macOS Ventura?I've got close to have ...  View more

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JAMF auto delete download folder

Hello - Happy New Year! I have been looking for a script of "auto delete files once the device has restarted" I found this script but it seems not to be working.. Expand (Highlight to read)# Fetch the target user if desired, otherwise use the current...  View more

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Automatic emails to members of Smart Groups?

Hey Folks,Curious if anyone has found a way to automate emails to users based on a Smart Group membership? Examples of things we’d like to notify users of:Your internal storage is at XX% of capacity, here’s what you can do about itYour laptop hasn’t ...  View more

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Can't stop Ventura upgrades any more

I was severely disappointed with Apple's new push to treat Ventura an "update" instead of an upgrade. Luckily I was able to block the upgrade on our Macs via Restricted Software and a Profile to delay the major updates for 90 days and it seemed to wo...  View more

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Issues with Patch Management

Greetings Jamf Nation denizens, I've recently tried to begin utilizing Patch Management features within JAMF Pro but have met some issues. I'm attempting to use the automatic distribution method instead of administering it through Self Service. I hav...  View more

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Visual Studio Code - Developer Tool access

Hi,Have a few computers with Visual Studio Code installed. Users do not have admin rights on the computers, And should not have this. Now the users want to run the debugging process in Visual Studio Code. But they are prompted to write credentials to...  View more

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 18.55.13.png
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This Service is unavailable

Is anyone having an issue enrolling machine this morning?I get this error right after the remote management page, This Service is Temporary Unavailable.  View more

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Nudge Post-install (0.0.17)

Nudge Post-install (0.0.17) includes updates for Nudge (1.1.10)AboutConfigures Nudge via the Nudge Post-install script to create:LaunchAgent: Opens NudgeLaunchDaemon: Redirect LogsLocal JSON: Configures NudgeHides Nudge: Finder & LaunchpadReset funct...  View more

Nudge Post-install.png
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LastPass Extension Safari

Hello, Anyone here already tried to deploy LastPass extension in Safari? Any solutions on how we can enable/checked the last pass extension in Safari through JAMF? Thank you in advance!  View more

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Assigning Documents to Student iPads issue

Hi,I'm currently experiencing an issue regarding pushing out ibooks to our student iPads. Out of the 400 students we pushed the books out to, only 30 have received them. I'm aware that books can only be distributed to Apple IDs and all students have ...  View more

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Questions regarding SoftwareUpdate in the Monterey era

Hello everyone,We've been using Jamf for half a year now, and we got most of it working with scripts and other hacks, but one thing we still struggle with is updates.We have 2 issues with software updates, 1. how to force install them without user in...  View more

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Jamf Research & Insights Team Survey Available

Hey Jamf Nation Community members! I'm Kate with Research & Insights team here at Jamf, and we're looking to learn more about Mac admins! We've put together this quick survey. It will take 5 minutes to complete. And all survey responses are collected...  View more

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Unable to Lock Device

Strange issue that I'm seeing and unable to figure out why. We are trying to lock a device that potentially may have been stolen. It still checks in regularly and Inventory is updated as well but when we try to push the lock command, it fails saying:...  View more

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Email extension attributes

So I have been looking for a way to have an extension attribute that reads all of the email address inside outlook and in mail. I am new to this and still learning on how to make things work and write code. If anyone knows of anything that could even...  View more

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Installing Proofpoint Obersveit Agent and Autoupdater

Has anybody installed this before. I was tasked with getting this added to Jamf. I uploaded the mobileconfig file and the script. I uploaded observeit-cloudagent-OSX-bundle- It looks like it deployed, but not sure how to confirm and the...  View more

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DEPNotify Or Something Else? Suggestions Please

Hey Everyone,I'm looking at setting up DEPNotify again but I'm wondering if this is the best way to go with Apple's changes they've made and DEPNotify hasn't been updated in a while. What I do like about DEPNotify is that you can pop it before loggin...  View more

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Investigating Hardware Issues

Hello, I'm checking out the 'Hardware and Software History' logs in Jamf Pro for a Mac that's experienced some issues with the NIC. I read the documentation for how to use the logs, but it's unclear to me how to further investigate something that's l...  View more

Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 2.01.53 PM.png
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Force Restart?

Is there a way to force a computer to restart? I'm able to get OS updates to work where they download and then the restart prompt time starts. But if you click on the timer it stops the forced restart, and apparently delays it indefinitely, until the...  View more

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Ventura Delay and Kill not working for all users

I have a 90 day delay in place as well as restricted software payload to kill the installer. However, some computers Ventura still show up on and is still able to install, others it displays correctly "your on the most current OS allowed by your admi...  View more

Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 11.55.48 AM.png Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 12.02.32 PM.png
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