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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Lost Mode, no Wi-Fi, Ethernet doesn't connect

Hi everyone, Once again, we find ourselves having to restore two student iPads because the Ethernet connection isn’t working when in Lost Mode. Two students lost their iPads, so we located them by triggering Lost Mode on both devices. They were broug...  View more

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Mac Touch ID Timeout

I have been searching for some time and not been able to come up with anything so far. I was wondering if anyone has been able to reduce the timeout on the Touch ID enablement? Currently I believe it is set to 24 hours inactive, then you must enter y...  View more

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Inventory Report: External Devices

Hello, I am currently implementing an IT Asset Management Systems and would like to obtain the serial number, Model and manufacturer in an extension attribute. I have run into some walls with some of the scripts I have tried. I have obtained about 50...  View more

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32bit Warnings

So it turns out Mojave likes to warn users when they fire up a 32bit application (or a 64bit app that has a 32bit component somewhere inside).Does anybody know if JAMF can be used to silence these warnings but only for specific applications.I dont wa...  View more

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Inventory not displaying properly?

Hi! Just curious if anyone has seen this. Recently our inventory display is messed up when searching computers, and seems to have appeared after the newest JSS. I've tried clearing and rebuilding the display but still getting the same thing. Thoughts...  View more

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App Behaves Differently if Installed from Self Service

I have an app that scans VINs and looks up the vehicle info and shows me the available parts at the auto parts store. If I install it from the App Store it shows up in Settings and when I launch it it asks for permission to use the camera. Everything...  View more

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Office for Mac 2019 Automagically Updating Labs?

What's everyone doing nowaday to keep labs and machines up to date without having to push out packages every time a new update comes out? Currently we have a sketchy script solution that is not exactly what we hoped it'd be. Anyone have any suggestio...  View more

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JamfPro Server Resourse Hungry

I built my JamfPro server on a CentOS 7 VM. It is not a repo or distribution point just the apache tomcat server and the mysql server. It uses a lot more RAM that I was expecting. I started with 2gig and quickly noted it was using almost all of it. T...  View more

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Change default save location

We've implemented nomad and are moving all user files from windows based AD locations to google drive. Does anyone know if there is a way to make all save dialog boxes point to google drive file stream?  View more

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Help with upgrading users to Mojave

I have been using a document that I received from JAMF entitled "Upgrading to macOS High Sierra" in order to upgrade our users to macOS Mojave. This process uses a script from GitHub and an installer packaged up in Jamf Composer.This process has work...  View more

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Help with understanding the iOS update process

We run a fleet of 66 iPads, supervised, in single app mode, as room schedule displays. I have a few test iPads, and am having a lot of trouble running iOS updates. Base config: profile to delay software updates profile to put them into single app mod...  View more

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How do you deploy Adobe CC 2019 ?

I have tried to login on adobes sites and create a package for fx Photoshop cc2019 20.05 (latest version)I try the default way to deploy it cached first and then another policy where it install the caches version. But It does not install Then I tried...  View more

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Prestage Enrollments Status stuck at "Assigned"

Hi, From day one we have had issues with computers and mobile devices not getting the "Prestage Enrollment Status" Completed. Almost all devices are stuck at "Assigned" and get this status renewed over and over again. Only a few devices have gotten t...  View more

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10.14.4 Update and T2 Macs

I'm curious if anyone out there is seeing identical behavior to the post linked below: JN Post - Update required/startup disk The macOS 10.14.4 update is being requested and installed via a script that's using Apple-recommended means: softwareupdate ...  View more

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o365 Microsoft Terms Use pop up

End users are now getting a pop up message for Microsoft Terms Use every time they launch a MS Office Suite application. Trying to suppress this message but do not know how. Looking at plist file, cache....can't find the culprit. Any help would be gr...  View more

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Regex error

I'm trying to make a smart group of macOS devices with Office 2019 installed. I'm trying to use a regex on the version number to differentiate between Office 2016 (16.16.x) and 2019 (16.17.x-16.2x.x). The regex is ^16.([0-9]|1[0-6]).d According to re...  View more

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Google Sheets Export with GID question

Does anyone have any insight on how to download a Google Sheet to a tsv/csv if the GID is something other than 0? I have lots of scripts that download tsv's from Google Sheets. However, they all do it from the first sheet (gid 0). I now have some wor...  View more

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Enabling filevault2 for hidden admin account

Fairly new jamf admin here so bear with me.. We've got a handful of end user, in production machines already enrolled in jamf that we need to enable filevault 2 for the hidden admin account that we create during enrollment. We have a policy that enab...  View more

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Upgrading to MySQL 8

We plan up on updating JamfPro to v10.11, and ulitmately MySQL 8. Does anyone have any experience upgrading to MySQL 8? Did you use inplace upgrade install, or another method?  View more

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JAMF Connect Seamless SSO

With JAMF connect and Azure AD is the expectation that seamless SSO would work or would more steps be required such as JAMF Connect Verify or something else?  View more

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Ad Blocker for macOS

All, Simple question, possibly a complex answer. Do any of you use an ad blocker such as uBlock Origin etc. If so what is it and why did you pick that one. I am looking at possible ad blockers for my environment as we have seen a number of phishing/p...  View more

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