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Jamf Pro 10.41.0 Beta 2 now available!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.41.0 Beta 2. This is our compatibility release with the new operating systems coming from Apple this fall. There are a number of updated or new keys, a GSX Update, and updates to the Azure AD migration ...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.40.1 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation, Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.40.1. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, please read the Jamf Pro 10.40.1 release notes here. Cloud Upgrade Schedule Your Jamf Pro server, including any free san...  View more

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Do we have that in Jamf?

Hey guys, I would really appreciate your help - I am new in JamF and I wanted to know if there are these kind of configurations in the system:1. Discover all user profiles on the mac using the system.2. Create personal settings profile with: apps ins...  View more

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Qui va à la #JNUC2018 ?

Bonjour,Qui penser aller à -ou c'est déjà enregistré pour- la JNUC cette année ?Histoire de voir s'il y a plusieurs #francophones qui seront là en octobre :-)  View more

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TouchID Extension Attribute

Hi, Has anyone yet figured a way to write an extension attribute to report whether a device is TouchID capable or not? bioutil does not seem to give any indication of capability regardless whether it's run on a TouchID capable device or not. There do...  View more

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Disk Enryption - Some Partitions Encrypted

Hi, Currently we are in a pilot phase of the Jamf & InTune intergration with Conditional Access.In InTune we have an compliance policy enabled that the disk has to be encrypted. Intune encrytion setting In some moments my own device is having the sta...  View more

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High Sierra and 2017 MacBook Pro Time Issues

We just started deploying 10.13 (by force, the new 2017 MacBooks won't go lower) and started having issues where the time and date settings are greyed out. The original admin account created can change these settings, but other migrated admin account...  View more

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Disabling calendaragent via policy

Hello, I'm trying to disable the calendar agent via Jamf policy. The reason being is it's interfering with out albeit poorly written secure browser for state testing. This is the command that works when locally run: launchctl unload -w /System/Librar...  View more

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Font issues - Boxed Question Marks

Hi all, I've been trying to isolate an odd issue on various versions of Mac OS that's happening to several users in the workplace... including myself! Issue: While using our machines, the font will randomly change to a series of boxed question marks ...  View more

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Canceling Registration

I would love to make it today but this rain is making it no fun to get around LA. I will definitely love to be at the next one! -Bob  View more

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Weird Policy issue

Hi JN, Trying here first before I open a support ticket. Basically, I am looking to find out if this is a known issue or undocumented feature. I have a policy in Self Service that installs a bunch of tools related to being a site Admin. It consists o...  View more

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Setting Site by IP Address

What is the best way to set a computer's site based on its IP address? I am trying to make it so that I don't have to click each one to set the site on it .  View more

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Unable to enable SecureToken

Hi All, I'm running into an issue where for a subset of devices, I am unable to enable the SecureToken for a standard mobile user. I have a local admin account on these machines with a valid secure token. When attempting to grant a SecureToken from t...  View more

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Intune - Mac management

We are just thinking about which way to go for mac management. We have JAMF and also Intune.We have a lot of EMS licenses for intune, so would be of course cheaper to use the licenses with intune we have. But the primary thing is of course if intune ...  View more

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AirDefense is old (Switch off WiFi when lan Connected_

Hi, We have what I believe is an old package called AirDefense pushed that automatically turns WiFi/Airport power on and off based on weather a hardware ethernet connection is present. It's been causing some issues though recently where if a user has...  View more

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Adobe Creative Cloud Update

We have about 175 Adobe Creative Cloud device based licenses deployed. When I try to update the applications the update fails. The updates will complete if an Adobe account is used. For a device based license why is an Adobe login required ? Most of ...  View more

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AD bind with custom policies

Hi all, We are running about 1000 Macs, which are all bound to our AD.On top of this we are running NoMAD on all these machines, which is working wonderful, and we have also disabled the login notification by deploying this to all computers (after th...  View more

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Load Balancing Jamf Pro with nginx

Hi Has anyone already implemented a load balancer for Jamf Pro with nginx and is willing to share the configuration? Or which proxy do you use? Scenarion: 2 Tomcat server in cluster mode with Jamf Pro behind a load balancer which is terminating SSL.  View more

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Password Requirements policy

hello. Does anybody know how to modify the password requirements to remove this requirement "Not have two consecutive, or three sequential characters". I checked all over JAMF and i looked at apple's pwpolicy and there is nothing that shows that requ...  View more

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