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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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System keychain cannot be found error

We have several machines that were recently updated to OS X 10.12 Sierra in which the computer is losing a wireless network password. After typing in the password for the network, the following error message Keychain "System" cannot be found to store...  View more

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Need Help: Students getting around Apple Classroom

Some students figured out quickly that turning OFF bluetooth would prevent Apple Classroom working for the teacher. So, we locked bluetooth settings via JAMF. Great. Now students are figuring out they can turn on Airplane Mode temporarily so the iPad...  View more

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script : output safari version to a variable

Hey guys.I'm trying to create a script that will check the version of safari.then If its lower the 10.0 then do the rest of the script.I'm trying to save to a variable by using "default read" command result.but the output is blank ( echo is blank and...  View more

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Issue Connecting AD to Jamf Using Wizard

I seem to be stuck on a part of the setup trying to connect our Active Directory server to JAMF. It keeps telling me that it can't find the account. I have all the right info for the domain. I have tried several known good accounts, but I still get "...  View more

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backup devices before wiping and enrolling through DEP

So we recently had our DEP setup and we have retroactively enrolled a bunch of devices into DEP. However, these devices need to be backed up (photos and contacts). I tried iTunes and that does not work after DEP enrollment. Can someone provide some g...  View more

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Mac App Store App Push & and Self Service?

Is there a way to have an app from the Mac App Store push automatically as well as appear in Self Service? I only see where you can do one or other other, but not both. I'd like to be able to push GarageBand automatically, but also have it in Self Se...  View more

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iPad Battery Capacity?

Does anyone know if it's possible to get the battery life information from iOS devices in Jamf Pro? I suspect it's a feature request for Apple to add as an MDM command, but it couldn't hurt to ask. I know the current charge level is in there, but tha...  View more

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MAU - Automatically Download and Install - bandwidth

For Microsoft updates at the moment i'm pushing out the complete suite installer rather than each individual application as it cuts the size down by a good chunkMicrosoft Office 2016 for Mac Downloads Office Suite 15.33 = 1.64GB Standalone installers...  View more

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iPad IP Address blanking. Lost mode issue

Hi All We have an iPad that is stuck in lost mode and has been for 3 weeks. In the JSS it is still suggesting the iPad has an IP Address despite not being on the wireless and flat out ignoring the ethernet adapter method. Does any one know if the IP ...  View more

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Enable User Images with iis

Just wondering if any has instructions on how to configure an iis server as a distribution point for user images.I have tried to follow the generic instructions but just cant get it to work. Prepare to enable user images I have a basis iis server bui...  View more

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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC EULA

Forgive me if this has been discussed, but I am unable to find a thread on it. My company wants to deploy Acrobat Reader DC to all computers and they don't want the user to have to accept the EULA. Seems like Adobe doesn't make this easy to do. I wou...  View more

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Computers Restarting on idle after Jamf Enrollment

We recently started rolling out JAMF at my company, as a replacement for MaaS360 and Munki. Currently, we're in the first phase, which is rolling out JAMF for MDM and maintaining Munki for package management while we finish setting up self-service an...  View more

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Removing Directory in user Folder

Hello, Im trying to remove the Office 2011 data folder for users. I have not had success wit hit. I tried to create a policy via composer as a DMG to uninstall and no remove scripts are working. Its the folder under Documents/Microsoft User Data  View more

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Sierra and Jamf Pro

So I'm finally sticking my toe in the water and testing out Sierra. I'm having some issues with checking in, inventory, running policies etc. On one JSS and one test box it seems to get stuck running policies. This starts after a few days if enrollme...  View more

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locked if your Mac

You can display a keychain lock icon in the menu bar and use it to quickly lock or unlock your keychain. In Keychain Access, choose Keychain Access > Preferences. Click General, then click Show Status in Menu Bar. Problem when I reboot mac lock icon ...  View more

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Create Custom Background package

Hi ALl, Im trying to create a custom Background branding package will I can send to all my managed machines. I have the image but when i add to composer - create a DMG and then create policy for deployment nothing happends. What am i doing wrong? Ple...  View more

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Chrome browser - Adding URL to allow flash plugin

I'm trying to add an URL to allow flash player plugin to work as one of the testing site relies on it. I've tried scripting this and does write it in the plist but doesn't reflect on chrome. I did see the configuration profile method but rather not u...  View more

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Prohibit Internet Acces During an exam

Guys and Girls, Anyone got an quick fix for an way to switch on and of the internet acces during an exam on iMac's with os 10.11.5 on in? Involves 24 Macs in a smart group, so should be a way to do this. Off course I could turn of the NIC but then I ...  View more

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