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Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation! Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta is now released Now with Dark Mode!! There are also many new features and fixes, please view the release notes for further information. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at...  View more

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Topics for the 1st Mississippi User Group

We would like to get some feedback about topics for our user group. Here are the some that are on the table, but we would LOVE for others to chime in and let us know what to hit first! Effective use of Self Service (Mac OS and iOS)Best practices for ...  View more

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test server set up problems

I am trying to set up a test server for trials. I get the JAVA jdk and the mysql database set up but when I go to install the JSS I get this dialog: As I hope you can see, the server app window is visible in the background with 3 green dots on it so ...  View more

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DEP Groups

I was reading the JNUC VPP and DEP discussion writeup and one thing caught my eye: Is there a way to separate groups of computers in DEP? You can segment the Macs on the DEP portal and the new devices then get assigned to a certain token. This is the...  View more

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VPP to device instead of userr.

Hi All, As per the title I believe VPP can now be scoped to device as opposed to individuals, I can't seem to locate documentation on how to do it? Does anyone know the steps? Thanks all in advance :)  View more

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Iboss NonProxy Remote Filter

Hey guys i'm here to let you know there is a way to get Non-Proxy Remote filter back if you are on 10.10 Iboss is an amazing thing but We don't like proxies over here... we found a work around for 10.10 to go back to how it was working in 10.9 the is...  View more

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Bulk add apps to scope or category

How do I bulk add apps to a scope or category? I would envision that I could simply tick a checkbox for the 20 apps I want and go to 'Assign to scope' or 'Assign to category'. I just can't seem to find the screen, manually entering each app is doing ...  View more

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FV2 smart group results

I am confused on why i am receiving different results when I create a smart group to tell me how many computers are encrypted. Here is my criteria and results on 2 test smart groups file vault 2 status IS Boot Partitions Encrypted = 46 File vault 2 E...  View more

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NetSuS 3.0.2 help needed with Software update part

So I have a NetSus 3.0.2 setup using VMWare on our server. I want it to talk to the mac mini we use that has 10.10 running Server as a Software Update Server. Currently when I configure machines I use the following command to get them to talk to the ...  View more

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Scholastic Reading Apps

Hello All, I know this has been discussed elsewhere but the discussions are older and I am wondering if anyone has found a better solution: I am trying to configure 4 Scholastic Reading Apps on iPads. 2 of the Apps (Stage B: Read180 and SRI) accept a...  View more

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XCode 7.0.1.DMG Deployment

Has anyone done the latest XCode release, XCode 7.0.1? I am trying to do, trying to deploy XCode 7.0.1 to developers as fast and efficiently as possible, and running into problems. Go figure. So with BETA5 you could deploy the DMG and just have a pos...  View more

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installing into ~/Applications

I'm having difficulty building a package with Composer that puts a folder that contains files into ~/Applications (or any ~/ subfolder for that matter). It appears that whenever I try to deploy it, it actually creates everything in bold: /Users/cmcin...  View more

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Installing Epson USB Display App?

Hello,I've been trying for a while to get the Epson USB Display app captured to get into Self Service. I've resigned myself that it probably isn't capturable via Composer, so my next option was going to be to create a package that puts the installer ...  View more

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Check authenicated domain controller

Hello, Thanks in advance for reading. I was hoping to create an EA that would report the domain controller the user authenticated against at the time of login. Is anyone currently doing something similar? I'd like to hear anyones thoughts on an effic...  View more

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Filevault not syncing AD password

We just had a round of passwords expire and now some of our users use their old AD password to get past the FV2 login screen, then use their newly reset AD password to get into the OS. How do we get the passwords to sync back up? I saw the apple solu...  View more

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Bulk amend policy scopes?

Hi all, Just wondering if there is a way, or has anyone found a way to bulk amend scopes for policies? For example, take a set of policies under a single category and adjust all their scopes en masse to allow for, say, a new limitation LDAP group?  View more

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JNUC profile badge cred?

I've seen a few people out here that have all the JNUC's they've been to as part of their JAMFNation account profile: Is there anyway for us that don't have this showing properly to get it updated? For example I've been to the 2013 one and it doesn't...  View more

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Random computer cert creation

We are using an 802.1x configuration policy that uses AD computer certificates to get on the network. It generally works as can be expected. Every now and then I'll get a call from users who suddenly can't get on the network. When I look at System Pr...  View more

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Thanks for participating!

Hey all, I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who participated and a huge thank you to @charliwest for organizing. I know I had a blast getting to meet all of you and I think it was a huge success from a JAMF standpoint. Lots of great discu...  View more

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Search Package Index?

Hello,I am running into a situation where I need to know which package (or DMG) is installing a particular file when imaging. I know all of my packages are indexed in Casper Admin. Is there a way to search that index for a particular file to find out...  View more

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Device-assigned VPP apps, data and iCloud backup

So, today we've been testing how the new way of app distribution without Apple ID behaves with data and iCloud backup. The results from today aren't good. Here's the process and the results: device assigned apps are deployed to a DEP supervised iPad ...  View more

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Thanks nsdjoe

Thanks again nsdjoe,Productive get together. I feel like several admins need help with U13 portal uploads and kiosks. I can help, just ask.  View more

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Self-service apps to install device-based apps

We have a BYOD program and are trialing JSS. We have successfully set us JSS to push apps silently to users. Is it possible to have students use self-service to install device-based apps without being prompted for Apple ID login?  View more

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Upgrade experiences going from 9.6x to 9.8x

We are closing in a window of opportunity to get JSS updated from 9.65 > 9.81. In the past (at another company) we were bitten by jumping ahead two minor versions 9.5x > 9.7x. Anyone here jump directly from 9.65 > 9.81 and survive? Care to share your...  View more

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